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Black And Decker Scrubber - All About the Black and Decker Scrubber - ScumBuster Xtreme, Black and Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber

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There are so many different chores that may require a good scrub brush, and there is a Black and Decker scrubber that is perfect for every single job. There are two different types of Black and Decker scrubber, and each is better for a different kind of job. The Black and Decker Scumbuster Xtreme is better for larger jobs like bathrooms, while the Black and Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber is made for smaller kitchen jobs like sinks and dishes.

ScumBuster Xtreme

The most popular Black and Decker scrubber is the ScumBuster Xtreme. This scrubber has a roller brush that the company claims actually cleans faster than doing it by hand. Also this Black and Decker scrubber is entirely waterproof, which means you can submerge it underwater. It comes with a three in one extension handle, which even allows people to reach far away spots that need a good scrubbing. The scrubber will take any cleaning product you wish to use, and there are also accessories that are interchangeable with this Black and Decker scrubber. The battery on the ScumBuster Xtreme typically lasts about a half an hour, and the scrubber makes it very easy to clean corners or clean large things like bathtubs. The ScumBuster Xtreme comes with a roller brush, a scour pad, a scour pad holder, an extension handle, and a charger. The ScumBuster Xtreme costs about $35 at most retailers that sell it.

In addition to the ScumBuster Xtreme, there is also a smaller Scumbuster Black and Decker scrubber. Instead of a roller scrub brush, this scrubber has a small rotating pad that does all the scrubbing. This one might be a bit more difficult to find because it is the old version of the ScumBuster Xtreme, but it still may be around in some areas. Customers can still purchase replacement parts for this Black and Decker scrubber, which range in price from $10 to $35. The original scrubber itself may be priced around $30 or less.

Black and Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber

The Black and Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber is less expensive than the Black and Decker ScumBuster Xtreme, priced around $20. This Black and Decker scrubber is smaller because it is meant for all of your kitchen surfaces and even your pots and pans. The Black and Decker Power Kitchen Scrubber has a smaller rotating pad, much like the smaller, earlier version of the ScumBuster. However, the design of this scrubber is a bit different. The scrubber has a longer handle and an angled neck, which makes it easier to get into the crevices of pots and pans. The manufacturer says that the scrubber works well on baked-on foods and any other kitchen messes. It is also very easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth. The scrubber takes four AA batteries. Customers who own the power kitchen scrubber say that it works great on their pesky kitchen messes. Also replacement pads and parts are fairly easy to find.

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