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Black And Decker Trimmer - Shopping for a Black and Decker Trimmer - The Best Black and Decker Electric Trimmer

grass cordless inch trimmers

Anyone who is looking for a grass trimmer should consider a Black and Decker trimmer. Black and Decker has several different varieties available, with different features available on each. There are both cordless and electric varieties of trimmers available from Black and Decker, so consumers just need to consider the area they need to trim and decide which Black and Decker trimmer has the features they need. Let’s take a closer look at the best trimmer from both the electric and cordless categories.

The Best Black and Decker Electric Trimmer

When it comes to a Black and Decker trimmer in the electric category, one of the most popular ones is the Grass Hog. This two-in-one trimmer and edger features a 7.2 amp motor and a 14 inch swath. There is also a heavy duty cutting system, which helps the Grass Hog last longer than other types of trimmers. The Grass Hog also has a dual feed spool, which advances your trim line automatically so you do not have to stop trimming. Also the manufacturer says that it only takes a few seconds to change from trimming to edging. The Grass Hog costs right around $100.

Consumers who are looking for a smaller Black and Decker trimmer should check out the nine inch grass trimmer. This trimmer is much smaller than many other electric trimmers, and it is much easier to handle. However, the nine inch grass trimmer does not work for edging, so consumers should keep this in mind. The spool is a bump feed, which means you can feed line through as you need it. There is also a cord retention system so that you do not accidentally disconnect the cord. The nine inch trimmer costs about $20, which makes it a great buy for someone looking for an inexpensive, lightweight grass trimmer.

The Best Black and Decker Cordless Trimmer

One of the best choices in a cordless trimmer from Black and Decker is the 18 volt NST2018 model. This cordless trimmer features two 18 volt batteries, which makes this trimmer last a lot longer than many other cordless trimmers. Also this trimmer has an instant start trigger, which means users do not have to worry about a pull cord that may take several tries to get the trimmer started. Also this model is an edger in addition to being a trimmer, so it really is a heavy duty piece of equipment that should take care of all of your smaller yard work. This trimmer costs around $100.

Another popular Black and Decker trimmer of the cordless variety is the 12 volt eight inch string trimmer. Model CST800 is much smaller than other trimmers, but it also does not take care of any edging tasks. Also unlike some other cordless string trimmers, this one requires not gas, oil, or even tun-ups. The spool for the string is on a bump system, which makes it easy to get more string when you need it. This eight inch trimmer is perfect for anyone who is looking for a smaller, more lightweight trimmer. The CST800 costs about $65.

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