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Dish Satellite Tv System - Dish Satellite TV System Comparison - Dish Satellite TV System Installation, Dish Satellite TV System Channels

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In the U.S. most people subscribe to a television service provider. Once cable TV ruled the marketplace unchallenged, but when the digital satellite receiver was invented, making the dish small and unobtrusive, satellite TV companies began to give cable a run for its money.

Today, two major satellite TV companies compete for America’s viewers: DirecTV and Dish Network. While both of these TV content providers offer similar channels, services, and receivers, there are some major differences between the two. Neither is a clear winner overall. They have become very evenly matched by providing different services and premium channels that appeal to different people. Where one person may prefer Dish Network, another person can’t see themselves switching from DirecTV.

The only way to know which one is right for you is through a head-to-head dish satellite TV system comparison. When comparing systems, three key categories must be considered: installation, channels, and receivers. In addition, a fourth factor entwines through each of the categories – price.

Dish Satellite TV System Installation

Both DirecTV and Dish Network offer new customers a choice between free installation/setup and self-installation of the dish satellite TV system. Tech-savvy handymen often prefer self-installation because they know exactly where they want their dish and they are so familiar with their home and property that they know the best method and place of installation. Most new customers, however, prefer the professional installation.

DirecTV Installation – DirecTV offers free standard professional installation to new customers. Upon becoming a new customer, all you need to do is choose a day on which you would like the installer to arrive and they give you a window of time when they can make it. Installation includes dish mounting, dish tuning, connects the receivers to the dish, and finally your TVs to your receivers. Afterward, the installer can provide you with a simple tutorial to get you started with using the system.

Dish Network Installation – Dish Network makes information about their installation difficult to obtain. However, they do offer free installation that includes coaxial cable, weather sealing, assembly, system optimization, testing, programming, and orientation. They also provide free installation if you are an existing customer who is moving to a new home.

Dish Satellite TV System Channels

While both DirecTV and Dish Network offer similar channel packages, there are some minor differences.

DirecTV Channels – DirecTV offers a choice of four different channel packages that have 24-month introductory prices that range from $29.99 to $59.99/month. HD service is free for the top two tiers and costs an extra $10 for the bottom two tiers. DVR service is an extra $7/month.

The first tier Choice Package has 150 channels with free local channels. The Choice Xtra service offers 210 channels with On Demand service and local channels. Choice Ultimate provides 225 channels that include 11 premium movie channels. The top tier is Premier, and it offers 285 channels, every premium movie channel, and 35 specialty sports channels.

In addition to the English channel packages, DirecTV also offers 4 Spanish packages and 12 international packages.

Dish Network Channels – Dish Network has five standard packages with 12-month introductory prices ranging from $24.99 to $84.99/month. To make it easy, Dish Network includes the number of channels in the names of their packages: America’s Top 120, America’s Top 120+ offers local sports, America’s Top 200 includes expanded sports channels, America’s Top 250 includes premium movies, and America’s Everything Pak includes all available channels except for some premium content and international channels.

Dish Network subscribers also have a choice of 4 Spanish packages and 28 international packages. Local channels cost an extra $5/month. A choice of sports packages and premium movie channels can be added to any regular channel package.

Dish Satellite TV System Receivers

Both of the satellite services have similar receivers. DirecTV receivers are of higher quality with all-new technology, while Dish Network offers dual TV receivers.

DirecTV Receivers DirecTV receivers come in a choice of four different models: standard, standard DVR, HD, and HD DVR. DVR receivers allow real-time pause and rewind as well as manual and scheduled recording.

Dish Network Receivers There are several more models of Dish Network receivers than DirecTV receivers. Standard receivers come in single-TV and dual-TV versions. HD also comes in single TV and dual-TV versions, but on the dual system, only one TV can receive HD programming. The other TV is limited to SD.

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