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Vehicle History Report Free - Assembling Your Own Vehicle History Report for Free

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Though official vehicle reports have more standing with buyers and sellers, a quick check can provide at least some information on a vehicle’s history. Even paid sites will provide some information after a VIN check, while free services provide information regarding recalls, complaints, and defects on certain vehicles. Information on fuel efficiency can also be secured.

Before checking anything, a seeker of a free car history report should locate their VIN—or Vehicle Identification Number. As of 1981, all cars are manufactured with this number associated in their title and insurance information. A VIN is a 17 character code that provides the basic information about a vehicle, including where and to what specifications it was assembled. Their specific pattern alternates between letters and numbers: that is, #X#XX##XXX#######.

Major car history report providers offer a small amount of information when a VIN is entered. Carfax provides a list of how many entries there are in the entry for the vehicle in question, but little else. Autocheck is somewhat more generous, translating the VIN number to explain the basics of the car’s style, body, engine, make, model, and country of assembly.

Some sites are more open with their credit histories. VIN Central Clearing House, for example, provides a fair amount of information when VIN data is entered. Though the site is capable of providing a thorough, professional report, its free information is generous. Data includes total number of complaints, fires, injuries, and deaths for any given vehicle and any reviews the site may contain. Users can also sign up to receive an automated email update whenever new information on a VIN number becomes available. The site itself is simple, almost primitive looking, but it’s vehicle free history reports are informative.

Full, piece-by-piece reports of all the features within and without a car model can be found at Decode This, a quick and thorough site that pulls all the mechanical information on a car from its VIN number, as well as available options in its production and colors, as well as recalls, warranties, and other information.

Some government websites provide information that will be included on an official vehicle report. The NHTSA—or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—provides thorough, searchable research on vehicle safety. Though their information will not provide the history on a specific vehicle, it can familiarize researchers on the overall capabilities and dangers of the general model of vehicle in question. Likewise, the U.S. Department of Energy features a fuel economy database that records studies on the efficiency of most vehicles on the market. Assembling this information without the help of a professional car history report can provide useful statistical data on a potential purchase.

Free vehicle history reports may not be the most professional way to purchase a car, but they provide a way to glance at the vehicle to avoid any obvious pitfalls. The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is essential to this process, as it can provide easy access to lots of information about a vehicle. Government databases also provide a way to look at the history of the make and model as a whole and to compare them to other cars of their class.

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