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James Avery Jewelry - James Avery Jewelry - James Avery Jewelry Products

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The James Avery Craftsman company specializes in Christian themed jewelry and other accessories. In 1954, James Avery started a small business out of his garage in Kerrville, Texas. At end of his first year in business, he had sold $5500 worth of jewelry after a initial $250 investment. By 1970, the company had sold over $400,000 worth of jewelry, and the first James Avery Craftsman retail store opened in 1973. There are now over 54 James Avery retail stores in the southwest and west, with plans for further expansion in the future.

James Avery Jewelry Products

From his earliest days making jewelry, Avery has attempted to make simple but attractive jewelry. The company aims to make all of their pieces conform to the four key themes of simplicity, integrity, meaning, and universality. The company offers a range of jewelry items in sterling silver, 14 and 18 carat yellow and white gold, with various gemstones. They have over 14,000 pieces of jewelry in their active line. While the company maintains its religious and distinctively Christian identity, its jewelry is for the most part not overtly religious and could be enjoyed by peoples of various faiths. The company also offers several patriotic items and jewelry celebrating the state of Texas, the home of James Avery. As with most jewelry companies, James Avery’s items are oriented toward women more than men. However, they also maintain a line of men’s items, including wedding rings, along with a number of children’s items.

The prices of the jewelry vary according to their size and materials. On the higher end, they offer items like an 18 carat white gold butterfly pendant that is engraved with over 1 carat of diamonds for about $2800. They also have a 2.5 inch 18k gold “Infinity Bracelet” for about $2600. So if you are looking for a quality jewelry item for your wife or significant other, then James Avery probably has something that will satisfy you (and her!). On the other hand, the company also has a wide range of jewelry items under $50. A number of sterling silver charms, pendants, and rings are available with various inscriptions and themes, including many that are inscribed with verses from the Bible. Since the company has a Christian heritage, they have a wide range of religious themed items, including bracelets, cross and other themed necklaces, and gifts for baptisms and confirmations. In addition to religious themed charms, charms celebrating every occasion, including birthdays, weddings, and the state of Texas are also available from James Avery.

The James Avery men’s wedding ring collection offers a wide range of unique items for the groom to be. They have a series of wedding rings with verses from the Bible written in Hebrew or Greek inscribed on the outer band, simple traditional wedding bands, and even a “Martin Luther Wedding Band,” which is a recreation of the Protestant German Reformer’s wedding ring. Other items in the James Avery men’s collection include leather bracelets and “chokers,” money clips, and state of Texas charms and rings.

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