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1st Financial Bank Usa - Services of 1st Financial Bank USA

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1st Financial Bank USA, often abbreviated to 1FBUSA, is a mid-sized bank whose roots go back to 1910. The headquarters and customer support services of 1st Financial Bank USA are just across the border from Sioux City, Iowa, in North Sioux City, South Dakota. A lot of the processing for deposit accounts, however, takes place in Dupree, South Dakota. The institution claims to be one of the top 30 credit card issuers in the United States. They currently have between 201 and 500 employees.

1st Financial Bank USA offers consumer accounts and credit card services to the general public. They once specialized in student credit cards and Stafford Federal Student Loans, but as of the summer of 2010, federal law has eliminated the bank from financing new student loans.

College students are still catered to by 1st Financial Bank USA. They run and maintain a website for college students at www.collegedata.com that provides student-related information such as choosing, preparing for, and applying to a college. They have several tools that make learning about college fun and easy:

• College Match allows prospective college students to answer questions and be paired up with a college that suits their needs.
• College Chances uses data to figure out a student’s chances of being admitted to a particular college.
• College Admissions Tracker is a simple reference to the admission requirements of various institutions.
• Scholarship Finder helps students find ways to pay for college.
• College Net Cost allows students to go over all out-of-pocket expenses for any given college.
EFC Estimator gives students an idea of the financial aid amounts awarded for different colleges.

Accounts at 1st Financial Bank USA are opened via personal invitations sent out to students by the bank. Personal invitations can be requested online via their website, but in Alabama and Nebraska, students must be 19 years of age instead of 18. To obtain a personal invitation, prospective account holders simply complete a short form of personal information, and an invitation is sent out if the qualification conditions are met. An invitation, however, only allows students an opportunity to apply for a card. The invitation in no way guarantees approval.

Once an individual is approved for an account, they can register for 1st Financial Bank USA online services. Online services are available 24 hours per day from anywhere in the world. Once registered, account holders can view their balances and payment information, request services, and change their contact information.

Additional requests for information or services can be provided by customer support. Customer support is available via regular mail and telephone Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. For credit card accounts, use the following contact information:

1st Financial Bank USA
Credit Card Service Center
P.O. Box 1200
North Sioux City, SD 57049

For deposit accounts such as checking and savings, customer service can be contacted here:

1st Financial Bank USA
P.O. Box 98
Dupree, SD 57623-0098

1st Financial Bank is always looking for ways to improve customer service and they welcome suggestions by accountholders.

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