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Free Ecommerce Web Hosting - Free eCommerce Web Hosting Solutions

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Free web hosting has been a part of the internet since the days of Tripod, and technological advances have only made them more attainable. Free web hosting has even moved into the realm of e-commerce. Functional, customizable e-store templates are available on a variety of hosts, and most handle online transactions as ably as paid ecommerce hosting.

As with many free web hosts, free ecommerce web hosting couples the hosted site name with the hosting site name: that is, it creates URLs like “mystore.webhost.com” or “webhost.com/~mystore”.

VStore is a free ecommerce web hosting service that provides a substantial list of features: search functions, shopping carts, product reviews, product browsers, and all the other basics needed to run an online store. The main features offered by its paid version are limited to instant digital downloads and coupons. A thorough, well-organized faq provides an answer to most operating questions.

Shopster provides a free network between retailers and e-merchants. The intuitive site provides a framework which quickly connects sellers to suppliers and provides the means necessary to swiftly conduct such transactions. Templates and easily searched products make the process as smooth and customizable as Vstore, and partnerships with major merchant sites like eBay make it possible to expand an account into an array of markets.

Most free web sites can also be upgraded into online stores by the inclusion of a virtual shopping cart like those provided by Free Cart. A virtual shopping cart is added much like a banner or link would be, albeit with credit card registration and other necessary financial steps.

Many sites make it possible to pay a fee on each transaction with no initial cost. The widely-used PayPal is a fine example of this model. As of August 2010, this site charges 1.9% to 2.9% + $.30 on each item sold through their service. It’s widespread nature also inspires a degree of trust in those who buy from it, as at this point online consumers have grown used to seeing the PayPal logo.

Good ecommerce web hosting include image hosting, online shopping carts, and customizable templates. Experienced webmasters can often do without the templates, needing only an online shopping cart to upgrade an existing site into a virtual store.

This has not been an exhaustive list of free ecommerce solutions, but rather a survey of popular, reliable free ecommerce web hosts as of August 2010. New sites will continue to be developed, some of which will incorporate new technologies and innovations.

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