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Physical Therapy Salary - How to Earn the Best Possible Physical Therapy Salary - Your academic qualifications count in more ways than you may think.

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Health care is one of the fastest growing career fields out there today and with good reason. Health care workers have one of the greatest degrees of job security possible, as computers and machines will never be able to eliminate the need for one-on-one human interaction in medicine. They also enjoy great personal fulfillment knowing they’re really helping their fellow man.

The salaries are competitive as well, especially in regards to physical therapy. A physical therapist salary is among the highest and the most secure in the entire health care field, inspiring more and more people to consider a future in physical therapy as a career choice. However, there are still several factors that can contribute to how much a particular physical therapist may make. If you’re thinking of getting a degree in physical therapy, consider the following points to make sure you’re earning as much as you could be.

Your academic qualifications count in more ways than you may think.

While there are many schools that will be able to provide you with the necessary basic education to become a physical therapist, it is in your best interest to choose a school that has a good reputation in the medical community for producing especially competent therapists. Do your homework in regards to the medical establishments in your area and learn which schools are favored by the places you’d most like to work. Also be sure to look into local regulations as far as physical therapy licensing requirements go and choose a school that will be able to offer you an education on all the necessary points. It pays to know these things in advance!

Physical therapy students who focus entirely on physical therapy as a discipline tend to earn a higher physical therapy salary than those who simply minor in the subject. Consider making physical therapy your major instead. Once you decide on a school, be sure to meet with the school’s career counselor to discuss the best educational path for you before scheduling your classes as well.

A physical therapy salary can be dependent upon location.

Physical therapists make more money in some areas of the United States than others. For instance, the average salary they earn in the state of California is around $75,000 a year while in Pennsylvania or Ohio it’s only $45,000-55,000. That’s a pretty hefty difference! If you are serious about making the highest physical therapist salary possible, you may want to consider the possibility of relocating at some point.

Specialties make a big difference in what a physical therapist can earn.

A physical therapist salary can vary wildly according to the specific type of certification they hold. For instance, a visiting physical therapist who works with their patients in the comfort of their own homes always commands a higher salary because this particular convenience is in such high demand. Those who are highly specialized in physical therapy for seniors, therapy related to specific types of injuries, post-surgical therapy, sports medicine, or other niches earn much more as well. The highest physical therapist salary is almost always reserved for wound specialists with the average being $80,000-90,000 a year.

The more experienced the therapist, the higher the pay.

Last but not least, experience is a major point in regards to a therapist’s overall pay. While beginning therapists can expect to earn on average about $40,000 a year, those same therapists can expect to be commanding salaries of $80,000 or more by the time they’ve been in the business for 15-20 years. (A willingness to continue training and learning new techniques throughout one’s career makes the chances of one day earning the best paychecks even higher.) As you can see, physical therapy is a service that is very much in demand and offers a terrific opportunity for upward movement, making it an excellent choice for compassionate, career-minded individuals.

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