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8 Port Wireless Router - Buying an 8 Port Wireless Router - 8 Port Wireless Router Models

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Setting up a large home or small office computer network does not have to be a complicated task. With the right equipment it can be done by a single person in a relatively short amount of time. The hardest task is deciding which networking gear will suit you best. If you are unsure of your exact needs, it’s hard to go wrong with an 8 port wireless router.

An 8 port wireless router will allow you to network up to 8 computers through hard-line Ethernet connections, and with most units, almost 1,000 wireless devices. Even if this seems like overkill, it will allow you the ability to expand in the future should the need arise. There’s no sense in buying a 4 port router and upgrading it in a year or two when you can buy an 8 port router wireless system from the get go for not much more than the price of the 4 port model.

Buying an 8 port wireless router, however, does have one drawback – there aren’t that many to choose from. While 8 port network switches and hubs are commonplace, wireless routers are geared toward home use or heavy wireless use. Many businesses that require more than 4 Ethernet ports combined with a wireless access point go for more expensive component systems that can cost in the thousands of dollars. The sad reality is that many of these business networks would work just as well with an 8 port wireless router that costs less than $200.

8 Port Wireless Router Models

Although finding an 8 port wireless router can be an exhausting task in and of itself, they are out there and worth every second of effort it takes to find them. A little hard work in locating one will translate into an impressive cost-savings. Here are the top 8 port wireless router models available:

Netgear FVG318 ProSafe 802.11G Wireless VPN Firewall 8

This is the easiest 8 port wireless router model to find. It comes with the added benefits of being the least expensive and extremely durable. This small unit will offer your business an all-in-one networking solution that includes 10/100 Ethernet connections and 802.11G Wi-Fi. This model uses a single antenna that is detachable in case a longer-range antenna is required. Unlike many wireless routers, this model also functions as a hardware firewall for added network security. Firewall functions include Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and extension-blocking of Java and ActiveX applications. The Netgear software wizards make setup fast and easy. The FVG318 is backed by a 3-year warranty.

D-Link DIR-632 Wireless 802.11N Router – 8 Port

The 8 port model of D-Link’s best-selling DIR-632 wireless N router has all the features of the 4 port system and more. The wireless N technology used provides speeds much greater than the older 802.11G standard, which makes this model suited to streaming video, downloading, and working with large-data applications. The DIR-632 uses a dual intelligent antenna system that can be used to send multiple signals in two constant streams. These antennas also have an extremely long range that can reach every corner of large homes and offices. This router is simple to set up with the included step-by-step wizard, so it is not necessary to hire expensive networking installers. The router also includes both NAT and SPI firewalls for added security.

Cisco 1801

For businesses that want to spend a little more for advanced features, the Cisco 1801 8 port wireless router may be just the model needed. This fixed-configuration router is designed for small to medium-size businesses that require performance equipment. Features include secure access, integrated ISDN, 802.11G wireless with backward compatibility, and an advanced firewall system. This router is not plug-and-play like the others, and there is no easy setup. If you buy this router, be prepared to pay for the equipment and for professional installation.

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