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Kids Cd Players - Kids CD Players

kid’s disney music sing

Parents who are looking for ways to get their kids to turn off the TV, teach them about music, and have fun will probably want to think about their options for kid’s CD players. Kid’s CD players are available with a wide variety of prices, themes, and features, so you can be sure to find one that will satisfy both you and your kids. Although most music sales are now through digital downloads, you can often find cheaper CDs with kid’s music or you can rent kid’s CDs from your local public library. Also, for kids who cannot yet read or who are just learning to read, books on CD can be a great teaching tool. Therefore, a kid’s CD player could be a better investment than you realize.

When you are looking for a kid’s CD player, you could find a cheap option at Target or Wal-Mart for $20 to $30. These CD players, however, have a tendency to break, especially when kids are involved. In the long term, it is probably a better option to spend a little extra money to get a CD player that is more durable and more reliable from Sony, Panasonic, or another well known brand. If you are looking for an individual CD player, you can find a Sony Walkman CD player for not much more than a larger off brand CD player will cost. A larger boom-box type CD player can vary in price, but a smaller reliable one like the Sony CFD S05 Boombox will cost about $50.

While your kids will certainly enjoy a standard CD player for the music alone, as an added bonus, you may want to consider a kid’s CD player with a specific theme. For example, for Disney fans, the Disney CARS Personal CD Player or the Disney Fairies CD player Boombox both retail for about $100. While these items do not have any special features apart from their tie in to Disney movies, your kids will certainly enjoy them, and they will add that extra bit of fun to listening to music or books on CD. A number of other unique kid’s CD players are available from online and retail stores, including the Lego CD boombox, which is shaped like a giant Lego block, for $50 and the Sesame Street Talking CD Player Ernie and Cookie Monster for $30.

Another good option for CD players that your kids will enjoy is a sing along CD player. This type of CD player is available in several models and prices from online retailers like Amazon. The Sing-Along CD Player from Imagination Entertainment retails for about $60. This toy is advertised as “a combination CD player and karaoke machine all in one.” With two attached microphones, an LED display, and a wide band loudspeaker, it’s sure to give kids, though maybe not parents, hours of enjoyment. A similar product designed specifically for girls, the Disney Princess Sing-Along Boom Box with wireless microphone, retails for $50. Another sing along CD player produced by the Early Learning Centre company is available in both pink and blue and retails for $70.

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