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Kids New Balance - Kids New Balance - Infant and Toddler New Balance Shoes

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New Balance is one of the leading running and athletic shoe manufacturers in the United States. Although the company only sold arch supports until 1960, after producing the innovative new ripple soled shoe called the “Trackster,” the New Balance shoe brand took off. In addition to being a popular shoe among adult runners, the company also has a number of kid’s New Balance shoes as well. In addition to selling many different kid’s shoes, the company is also involved in kid’s fitness initiatives. They sponsor a Sesame Street live action show called “The Body,” which teaches kids about the importance of taking care of themselves. They also have a variety of articles and other materials available for parents on keeping children fit and healthy.

Infant and Toddler New Balance Shoes

From their earliest days out of the womb, parents can dress their kids in New Balance shoes. New Balance sells 993 model crib shoes for $28 and is available in sizes 0-2. For babies and toddlers who are a little older, New Balance also offers several models of the 993 shoes in sizes 3 through 10. These shoes are available in a variety of colors, including white, gray, pink, black, and blue. They retail for about $40. Also, the New Balance 553 sandals, which retail for $38, are also available in sizes 2 through 10. These sandals are available in blue and gray and in pink and gray. In their previous lines, New Balance sold a number of infant and toddler shoes in sizes 3 through 10. The kids New Balance 556, 574, and 686, among other models, can be found in a variety of colors. Since they are technically no longer in production, you can often find better deals on these shoes, with prices in the $20 to $30 range.

Pre-School and Grade School Kids New Balance Shoes

For kids who are approaching school age, New Balance has a wider variety of shoe options. For pre-school kids (sizes 10.5 through 3), shoe prices start at about $33 for the New Balance 623, which is available in black and white. The higher end of pre-school shoes is the New Balance 993, which retails for $55 is available in a variety of colors, including black and blue, gray, pink and gray, and has both velcro and tie models available.

For grade school kids (sizes 3.5 to 7), there is even more variety. In addition to football cleats like the New Balance 446, which retail for $43 and baseball cleats like the New Balance 401, which retail for $45, several styles of shoes are available. Like the pre-school shoes, the New Balance 623 are the lowest priced shoes in this category. They retail for about $33. Higher priced New Balance shoes for grade schoolers include the New Balance 655, the New Balance 760, and the New Balance 993, which all retail for $60 and are available in a variety of colors, including pink and gray, gray and black, white and red, and others.

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