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Konica Laser Printer - Konica Laser Printers - Konica Laser Printers

Black and White Options

bizhub line pagepro pages

On January 7, 2003, the two well-known imaging and electronics companies, Konica and Minolta, merged creating a new company called Konica Minolta. While this company is known to many for its line of high quality cameras, they also produce several other imaging products, including medical and graphic imaging machines, and a line of office equipment, which continues the previous line of Konica laser printers. The U.S. subsidiary of Konica Minolta, which is based in Ramsey, New Jersey, has a wide variety of laser printer options that are currently available.

Konica Laser Printers

Konica Minolta in the United States currently has two lines of laser printers with black and white models: the bizhub line, which is the more expensive line designed for business and office use, and the pagepro line, which is designed for home office and small business use.

There are three black and white color printer models in the bizhub series. First, the bizhub 20, which retails for $500, has a printing rate of 32 pages per minute. It has printer, scanner, copier, and fax functions, and can send scans directly to email or networked computers. The bizhub 20P is a printer only version of the bizhub 20. This printer, which also has a printing rate of 32 pages per minute, has a retail price of $300. The third bizhub printer, the bizhub 40P/40PX, has an advertised printing rate of 45.6 pages per minute. At $1,400 for the 40P and $1,800 for the 40PX, it is significantly more expensive than the other bizhub black and white printers, so it might be better suited for a larger office or business setting. It has several print finishing options, including sorting, stapling, and booklets. The 40P has optional duplexing features and a 1 year warranty, and the 40PX has standard duplexing and a 3 year warranty.

The Konica Minolta pagepro black and white laser printer line has four options for the home office or small business. All of the pagepro printers have a 1 year limited warranty and 5 years of U.S. based technical support. First, the pagepro 1380MF, which retails for $250, prints 21 pages per minute and has print, copy, and scan functions. The second printer, the pagepro 1390MF also has a printing rate of 21 pages per minute. In addition to printing, scanning, and copying functions, it also has a 33.6 kbps fax features with 12 one touch dials, 100 speed dials, and 3.5 MB of fax memory. The third printer in the pagepro line is the pagepro 4650 EN. This printer retails for $700, and has a printing rate of 35.7 pages per minute. It has a 500 MHz processor for faster print jobs, and comes with a standard 128 MB of RAM and an optional 40 GB hard drive. Finally, the pagepro 5650EN, which retails for $900, has a printing rate of 45 pages per minute. It too has a 500 MHz processor and an optional 40 GB hard drive.

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