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Black Decker Batteries - The Right Black and Decker Batteries for the Job - Larger batteries, Mid-sized Black and Decker batteries, Small batteries

battery power tools versapak

Finding the right Black and Decker batteries can be a bit confusing. Each of the power tools made by Black and Decker takes a different type of battery, and using the wrong battery could damage the tool. However, using a website like AtBatt.com can help you choose the right Black and Decker batteries by the power tool’s model number. If you are not sure what the model number of your power tool is, then Black and Decker has made it easy to match the tool to the type of battery it needs.

Larger batteries

One of the easiest ways to know what kind of Black and Decker batteries you need is by looking at the voltage of the power tool. Larger Black and Decker batteries are 18, and there are three different kinds available. Only the cordless tools with the highest power grade on them will take the 18 volt batteries. Top-of-the-line drills may take 18 volt batteries. All three of the 18-volt batteries are for Firestorm products or tools that take a Firestorm battery. One is a stem-type battery that fits into power tools that have an oval-shaped end for the battery. The other two are rectangular slide pack batteries, and the only difference between the two is that one has an extended run time. Firestorm batteries typically cost around $40 each.

Mid-sized Black and Decker batteries

Power tools that take slightly smaller Black and Decker batteries require a 9.6, 12, or 14.4 volt battery. Some common tools that will require these batteries are cordless drills that are mid-grade in power. Like the larger batteries, these mid-sized batteries have slightly different shapes, which are perfect for the tool they fit into. Also take note of whether your tool needs a stem-type battery or a slide pack battery. The 9.6 volt only comes in a stem-type battery, although there are both stem-type and slide pack batteries for the 12 and 14.4 volt varieties. The mid-sized batteries from Black and Decker usually cost right around $25 or $30.

Small batteries

The third category in Black and Decker batteries is the VersaPak. These batteries are much smaller than the other two types, and they are only 3.6 volts. Any VersaPak batteries will go with Black and Decker tools that require VersaPak batteries. Tools that take VersaPak batteries are typically smaller and less powerful. Also they are meant for small odd jobs that do not take a lot of time because the VersaPak batteries just do not last as long as the other types of batteries. The only real difference among the VersaPak batteries is the run time on each. Gold level batteries run longer than silver batteries, and both can be purchased in either one or two packs. You can also purchase the VersaPak batteries with a charger if you prefer. Usually VersaPak batteries cost about $35 to $40 for a two pack.

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