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La Airport Hotels - LAX Hotels

Hotels Near Los Angeles International Airport

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The Los Angeles International Airport, commonly known by its IATA code “LAX,” is one of the busiest and most well-known airports in the world. In addition to the domestic passengers who use the airport, many international travelers who are going to and from Asia, Australia, and Oceania fly through LAX. Therefore, the many travelers who have planned or unplanned layovers at the airport frequently have to find LA airport hotels. Since the airport itself is quite close to both downtown LA and nearby beaches, all of these hotels are not only convenient for LAX but also for visitors who are planning on spending a few days in the city. With miles of beautiful beaches nearby, LA airport hotels are unique among most airport hotels in that they offer more than just a comfortable bed close to the airport.

On West Century Blvd, which leads into the airport from the east, there are over a dozen hotels. Most people looking for LA airport hotels should be able to find something that fits their price range and needs on this stretch. For those who are looking for higher quality accommodations, the Renaissance Montura Los Angeles is just a block north of West Century on Airport Blvd. This four star hotel has standard rooms and junior suites that range from about $200 to $250 or more. In addition to amenities such as a 24 hour fitness center and an outdoor pool, the hotel has a well known art collection on site. For the savvy traveler looking for a quality hotel before catching a flight at LAX, the Renaissance Montura Los Angeles is a good option.

There are many more moderately priced hotels near the airport. The Los Angeles Airport Marriott, which features an outdoor pool with a swim up bar, an on site hair salon, and a fitness center, has guest rooms starting at about $100, although rates can sometimes be higher. Several other hotels close to LAX, including the Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport, the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles, and the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, offer similar prices and amenities to the Los Angeles Airport Marriott. A cheaper option than the Marriott and other similar hotels is the Travelodge at LAX Airport. With rates typically under $100, and sometimes as low as $60 or so, this hotel could be a good option for a traveler who needs a bed for the night before flying out of LAX. The Travelodge does have amenities like a free continental breakfast, free wireless internet, and an on site restaurant. Finally, for those who are looking for nothing more than a bed, no matter how lumpy, and a bathroom, no matter how clean, the Tradewinds Airport Hotel might be worth considering. Although the hotel has received some pretty scathing reviews on travel sites like TripAdvisor.com, it is only about 1 mile from LAX and has rates that start at around $50 or sometimes even less. Therefore, for the budget traveler who prefers a slight upgrade from the airport benches, this hotel might be worth considering.

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