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Department Of Motor Vehicles New York - How to Save Time and Money at the New York DMV - Youth Resources, Cross-Border Driver Licenses

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If you are a New York resident, chances are you have dropped by the NY DMV site before to look up a DMV location or maybe check registration fees. But many people do not realize just how many other resources there are on the site – it can be used for a lot more than just an elaborate address look-up tool! This guide will introduce you to four areas of the NY DMV’s web site that you may have never realized existed.

Youth Resources

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles hosts an entire sub-site devoted exclusively to young new drivers. It holds information on all laws and regulations affecting drivers under the age of 18, so if you are a driver in this category (or the parent of one) this is one resource that you should not be without.

Get the latest news on graduated license laws, including learner permit restrictions (supervision requirements, passenger carriage restrictions, etc.) You can also find useful information on scheduling your road test and other steps necessary for getting your driver’s license. If you have already got it, you can try taking the “Are You a Smart Driver?” quiz series to go over your personal driving habits. This will help keep the laws and principles of safe driving fresh in your mind, which can make all the difference in the world when you get into a sticky situation on the road!

Cross-Border Driver Licenses

Have you heard about “Enhanced Driver Licenses” that help smooth the travel process between the US, Canada, and Mexico? This is exciting news for anyone who frequently crosses the border, or those with a fun cruise vacation coming up. Due to recent restrictions, US travelers had to have a valid passport in order to get back into the country after visiting Canada or Mexico. But now all ground and sea travelers from these countries will be able to come back in without a problem, just by using an enhanced license. Check out the DMV link above to find specific information on getting one for yourself. (Note that the enhanced licenses cannot be used for air travel – for that, you will still need a valid passport).

Bikes, Scooters, and Skates

That is right, the New York Department of Motor Vehicles also has plenty of information on non-motorized vehicles! Check up on the latest regulations for bicycles, skates, and scooters to keep yourself safe and to avoid any costly tickets. Find everything you need to know about helmet law, road use, and more.

Custom Personal Plates Online

We have all seen the custom-made plates with clever (and sometimes not-so-clever) jokes, sayings, and titles around the city. But have you ever considered actually getting one for yourself? The NY DMV has an online plate lookup and ordering tool that you can use to find out if your name or phrase of choice is available for use, and you can order them right online.

You can use the same site to find information on custom pictures and designs for license plates, from sports logos to hobbies to various causes and organizations.

With tools like these, you do not have to go with the same old plate designs as everyone else – you can make a plate design that reflects your unique personality.

That’s it for this guide to handy online resources from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles that you never knew existed. We hope you have found some new tools and useful information that will help make your driving life easier (and a bit more fun). Be careful out there!

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