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Landscape Solar Lighting - Solar Landscape Lighting - Types of Landscape Solar Lighting, Landscaping with Solar Lighting

lights powered wall available

For those who are looking for attractive and low maintenance landscape lighting, solar powered landscape lights are becoming a more and more popular option. Landscape solar lighting is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, so whether you are looking to line a sidewalk or pathway with small lights or to install several wall mount lights, you should be able to find the right kind of solar landscape lighting. These light fixtures are usually powered with small photovaltaics, or solar panels, attached directly to the lights. This way, they can power up during the day and shine during the night. While solar powered light fixtures are typically more expensive to purchase than conventional light fixtures, if used long enough, they will be cheaper in the long run because of the money you will save on electricity costs.

Types of Landscape Solar Lighting

When considering what kind of material you want your solar landscape lights to be, you have several options available. Most lights of this kind, however, are available in copper, bronze, or plastic. In addition to the material that the light is made of, there are many different styles of landscape solar lighting to choose from. Small spot lights or sign lights that illumine walkways, gardens, and house numbers are a popular type of landscape lighting. Wall mount lights are another type of landscape solar lighting. While these are typically attached to the front or back of a house, with solar powered wall mount lights you have more options for where you can mount them, since the wall need not be connected to a power source. Often, wall mounted (and other) lights are motion sensor lights that are triggered by movement. Other popular types of solar landscape lighting include fountain or pool lights, which illumine outdoor fountains and ponds, and colored lights, which could be any type of light fixture with a different colored bulb or fixture.

Landscaping with Solar Lighting

The most important rule of installing solar landscape lighting is to position the lights in a place where they will get plenty of light during the day. When you are installing the lights, keep in mind that different part of your yard might receive more or less sunlight during different parts of the year. If you want a solar light in a spot that does not get a lot of daytime sunlight during all or part of the year, light fixtures that are powered from a solar panel that you can install on your roof are also available. When positioning the lights, consider what kind of effect you want to create. If you want dim lighting to enjoy while sitting in your backyard in the evening, then you will need to get smaller lights and space them further apart. For a brighter spotlight effect, purchase larger lights and put them closer together. With a little creative planning, you should be able to design a low maintenance landscape lighting systems with a few solar powered lights.

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