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Black Decker Charger - Choosing the Best Black and Decker Charger - Stem chargers, Slide pack chargers, VersaPak Black and Decker chargers

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Anyone who has power tools that take Black and Decker batteries will also need a Black and Decker charger to be sure that they always have batteries that are fully charged. There is nothing as frustrating as trying to get a job done and then discovering that your batteries are out of juice. Keeping an extra battery on a Black and Decker charger is a great way to make sure that you always have one that is fully charged. There are not too many choices when it comes to a Black and Decker charger because the batteries for the Black and Decker tools are fairly standard. In fact, since there are only three different kinds of batteries, there are only three different kinds of chargers.

Stem chargers

The two most common types of Black and Decker charger are the stem-type and the slide pack charger. Just look at the type of battery your tools use and determine which type of charger you will need. The stem-type Black and Decker charger has a base with a small plug-in area for the battery. Most stem chargers are multi-voltage, which means they will charge batteries of all the different voltages that are commonly used by Black and Decker tools. Most stem chargers will charge the battery in an hour or two, depending on the voltage you need. Eighteen or twenty-four volts may take up to two hours. Tools that take twenty-four volt batteries are pretty rare because the manufacturer stopped making them, but some chargers do still charge the old 24-volt batteries. A good Black and Decker charger of the stem-type variety usually costs around $30 to $40.

Slide pack chargers

Slide pack chargers are about as common as stem-type chargers. They have a base with a flat area where the battery slides in. Most slide pack chargers are also multi-voltage, and they also typically charge batteries in about an hour or two. Some fast chargers can charge batteries in less than an hour. A Black and Decker charger that charges slide pack batteries typically costs about $30 to $40, the same as the stem-type chargers.

VersaPak Black and Decker chargers

VersaPak batteries look completely different than the other two types of batteries. These batteries are silver cylinders that are a couple of inches long and about an inch around. The most common way to purchase a VersaPak battery charger is in a package with one or more VersaPak batteries. VersaPak batteries are made for tools that do not have as much power as conventional power tools, so the batteries only use 3.6 volts. Most VersaPak chargers have two ports, and the batteries just slide right into the top of the charger. Many VersaPak starter packs come with their own charger, and you can typically purchase a VersaPak charger with two batteries for about $45. A VersaPak charger typically takes about three hours to charge two batteries.

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