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Black Decker Cordless - Shopping for Black and Decker Cordless Tools - Black and Decker cordless power tools, Cordless outdoor tools, Cordless cleaning tools

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Black and Decker has been a recognized name in tools for many years, and Black and Decker cordless tools are one of the most popular types of tools. The manufacturer claims that it is the largest manufacturer of power tools and accessories in the world. Black and Decker makes cordless power tools, outdoor tools, and also small cleaning tools like the Dustbuster.

Black and Decker cordless power tools

One of the things Black and Decker is most well-known for is power tools, and the manufacturer has plenty to choose from. Of course one of the first power tools many people look for is a cordless drill, and there are many different sizes available from Black and Decker. The Black and Decker cordless drills are usually 12 volts, although some are 9.6 volts. Some come with additional drill bits and a carrying case, while others come with just the drill. Cordless drills from Black and Decker range in price from $40 for a drill with fewer features and less power up to a high performance cordless drill with all the bells and whistles, which costs about $75.

In addition to cordless drills, Black and Decker also has a few other small cordless power tools, like the 12 volt cordless nail gun. A cordless nail gun from Black and Decker typically costs a little over $100. Another very helpful cordless tool from Black and Decker is the Lithium-Ion CompactSaw. This saw can make various types of cuts, and it can go wherever you need to go. The saw costs about $50. Black and Decker also has a pair of cordless power scissors, which can be used on pretty much anything you need to cut. The power scissors cost around $20.

Cordless outdoor tools

Black and Decker also has many different kinds of outdoor tools available, including everything from grass trimmers to leaf blowers, edgers, and even lawn mowers. The best choice when it comes to Black and Decker cordless outdoor tools is probably the 18 volt yard system. The tools in this system include a chainsaw, garden cultivator, hedge trimmer, pruning saw, pole hedge trimmer, and leaf blower. There is also a lawn care center that comes with a charging and storage station and includes a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and leaf blower. The lawn care center costs about $200, and the other outdoor power tools range in price from $90 for a leaf blower to $120 for the chainsaw.

Cordless cleaning tools

Probably the most popular Black and Decker cordless cleaning tool is the Dustbuster. The Dustbuster is a small hand vacuum that charges whenever it is plugged into its holder, which mounts on the wall. All of the cordless hand vacuums from Black and Decker have the same basic shape, although some have additional features like a pivoting tip. Also they come in different voltages, from 4.8 up to 18 volts. The smallest Dustbuster with the fewest features and lowest voltage costs about $25, while the largest one with the highest voltage and most features can cost up to $100 or a little bit less, depending on whether you can find it on sale.

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