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Airport Parking At Luton - Choosing Airport Parking at Luton - Onsite Airport Parking at Luton, Offsite Airport Parking at Luton

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Although Luton Airport was opened in 1938, it is the fourth-largest airport in London. The airport was put to military use during WWII, and afterward it was used only for charter flights. The airport saw its share of troubles in the 1980s through the 1990s but was revitalized in the 2000s. Today, the airport uses its single runway and terminal to serve over 9 million passengers annually, 87% of which are international flights. The airport hosts 9 charter airlines, including easyJet, Wizz Air, Ryanair, Monarch Scheduled, El Al, and Blue Air. Five charter carriers also operate out of Luton Airport.

There is no shortage of Airport Parking at Luton. Travelers have several options that include parking at the airport in one of several garages or parking at a nearby car park facility. The onsite parking tends to be more expensive, while offsite parking caters to those who are looking to save money. The offsite car parks offer free shuttle service to and from the airport terminal. Be sure to double check pricing as it is subject to change at any time.

Onsite Airport Parking at Luton

Luton Airport offers several choices for onsite parking. Choosing an onsite parking service depends on how long you plan on staying and how much you are willing to pay for added services.

Short Term Parking – Short Term Parking is near the terminal. It can be found by following the yellow signs. Motorcycles can park here for no charge. Cars are charged per the following schedule:

• 15 min. £3.00
• 30 min. £4.50
• 1 hour £7.00
• 2 hours £10.00
• 3 hours £12.50
• 3-6 hours £15.50

• 6-24 hours £35.00
• £35.00 per day up to 10 days

Mid Term Parking – Mid Term Parking is located on the main road to the airport. A free two-minute shuttle is provided to the main terminal. It can be found by following the green signs. Parking is free if less than 1 hour. Otherwise, it is £17.50 per day.

Long Term Parking – Long Term Parking is located 10 minutes outside the terminal. Bus service is available 24 hours/day. It can be found by following the pink signs. Price is £12.50 per day with no length restrictions.

Priority Parking – Priority Parking is the Luton Airport’s in-house meet and greet service. You can drop your car off at the terminal and will be valet parked in an exclusive short term garage. Prices begin at £35, and a full week is £100.

Offsite Airport Parking at Luton

Several independent car parks are available in the area surrounding Luton Airport. These facilities are usually less than the airport parking, but not all of them offer the same service and security. Following are some of the most popular offsite Luton Airport parking services:

Airparks Luton (Grove Road, Slip End, Luton LU1-4BZ) – This is one of the highest-rated car parks outside Luton Airport. Transfer buses take passengers to and from the airport 24 hours/day. This car park is very secure, using CCTVs, flood lights, security fences, and 24 hour patrols. Price averages at £39.99 for 8 days.

Swift Meet & Greet (50 Cheapside, Luton LU1-2HN, tel: 0844-445-7127) – Swift Meet & Greet meets you at the airport when you call ahead at least 20 minutes. He then drives your car to their secure parking facility. Upon your return, your car is waiting for you at the designated time. Cost averages £89.00 for 8 days.

Park and Fly (Woodside Park, Woodside Road, Slip End, Luton LU1-4DG) – With this service, you park at their facility and they drive you to the airport. Upon return, just give them a call and they bring your car directly to you. Price averages at £89.60 for 8 days.

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