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Fax Machine Laser - Laser Fax Machine Buying Guide - Benefits of a Laser Fax Machine, Cool Features to Look For

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Are you looking for a new laser fax machine for your home or office? If you have never shopped for a device like this before, you will soon find yourself swimming in a sea of different features and options that may not make too much sense. Even if you have bought one in years past, you will probably be surprised at the amount of new features that come with today’s models. Either way, check out this guide for a brief introduction to laser fax printers, including cool features to look for, handy terms to know, and some of the most popular fax brands.

Benefits of a Laser Fax Machine

First off, laser printing technology has revolutionized commercial printers. While traditional inkjets still offer better picture printing capabilities and lower startup costs, laser printers excel in the long run for home offices and businesses. Laser printers have excellent text definition, which is great for a professional business environment. Then there’s the printing speed, which can be incredibly quick compared to inkjet models. This is another excellent feature for business use, where you frequently see large amounts of document printing. And when it comes to the bottom line, laser printers are just more efficient, with an average toner cartridge handling far more pages than its inky brethren. This is an especially attractive aspect for cost-conscious businesses who are looking for long-term economy.

Cool Features to Look For

Modern fax machines sport many updated options for the 21st century, keeping an “old” technology on the cutting edge of modern tech. And for all this talk of their advanced printing abilities, the most interesting innovations are those that do not use the fax’s printer at all! Advancement in fax machine hard drives and internet technology have made it possible to both store fax information right on the machine, and forward fax documents as an email directly to your recipient of choice. This means that you can receive faxes all day long without actually using paper. Fax machines with these features can actually convert the incoming data into a computer-viewable PDF file and forward it right to your email. For sending faxes, you can either scan paper the traditional way, or many models include support for sending them directly from your email account instead.

Many modern fax machines also feature updated multifunction technology, allowing you to use the same machine as a copier, printer, and scanner. There is almost no end to the potential office uses of these devices. The scanner itself can be used to quickly scan documents and send the image or PDF files to your computer. They are easily networked to multiple workstations, allowing one unit to serve as the central printing resource for your entire building. Even smaller home-use models can offer many of the same functions, allowing you to transform your home office into a productivity zone in no time.

Handy Feature Definitions

Here are some of the common terms you will hear when searching for a new laser fax machine, and what they mean.

Paper Type: This will tell you if there are any special capabilities in the types of paper that the machine can handle.
Fax Transmission Speed: This will tell you how fast your laser fax can receive and send faxes, usually in seconds-per-page. 3 sec/page is quick for home machines.
Fax Print Quality/Resolution: This will be in dpi, or “dots per inch”, and it tells you how detailed your printing capabilities are. A higher dpi means more fine, detailed printing. 600 dpi is usually plenty for a home or small office fax/printer.
Memory/Ram: This is important on models that offer on-board storage of fax documents. It will either be written in megabytes or in terms of the number of pages that can be stored. 500 pages of stored memory is roughly equal to 8 megabytes.

Popular Brands

Brother makes great quality fax machines for home and office use. They are a little more expensive than baseline models (generally in the $300-500 range), but this is compensated for in quality construction and sheer functionality. Brother’s all-in-one home printer/faxes can do just about every single thing that the big boys can, for much less money.

Sharp is a good place to go to see a variety of fax machine “levels” – look over their site to see examples of home use, small business use, and large business models. This way, you can get an idea of the price ranges in each category, not to mention what features you can expect from each.

Canon has some serious business-class models that are definitely worth a look for large enterprise-level companies. They may be pricey, but they offer cutting-edge printing and faxing technology and durable design that is made to serve hundreds of people from just a single unit. Check the above link out for the highest level of industrial and office complex printing capabilities.

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