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Am South Bank - Am South Bank Services

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Am South Bank has a long history of providing banking and loan services in the South. At its largest, Am South had 650 branches spread through the southern states. In 2006 Am South Bank (more properly AmSouth), merged with Regions Bank. As part of the merger, all AmSouth branches took on the Regions name.

AmSouth Bank was founded in 1873 in Birmingham, Alabama. It was one of the first banks in the newly established city. It was originally known as The National Bank of Birmingham, and was founded by Finnish-born merchant Charles Linn who believed the secret to success was achieved by fulfilling promises in a timely manner. After a century of success, the shareholders agreed to form a holding company that acquired over 20 affiliates in the first decade of operating.

In 1987, AmSouth Bank expanded into Florida and in 1991, Tennessee. By this time, AmSouth Bancorp owned over 50 affiliate banks. In the early 2000s, before the merger, the bank began an aggressive branching strategy that spawned dozens of new branch openings each year.

Today, Am South Bank, now Regions Bank operates on the principles of stability, ease, expertise, and personal service. Stability is created through responsible lending. Ease makes banking easier for customers. Expertise means that the advice of Regions bankers can always be trusted. Personal service ensures that problems are solved quickly and customers stay satisfied.

Am South Bank Solutions

AmSouth/Regions Bank has several consumer banking solutions for everyday money management:

• Savings – Three different savings accounts are available at Regions Bank: LifeGreen Savings has no minimum balance and can be opened with only a $5 deposit at any branch. Regions Savings requires a $50 deposit to open and has a $4 monthly fee that is waived for balances of at least $300. Savings for Minors can be opened with only $5, and interest is paid monthly.

• Checking – There are also three different checking accounts at Regions Bank. LifeGreen Checking can be opened with $50 and has a monthly fee of $5 that is waived with direct deposit or 15 electronic transactions per month. Regions Preferred Plus Banking can be opened with $50 but requires $10,000 combined balances to avoid a $15/month fee. Regions PFS Checking requires a $1,000 deposit and requires $25,000 in balances to avoid a $20/month fee.

• Money Market – Money Market investment accounts come in two forms. The Regions Money Market account can be opened with $100 and earns interest on four different tiers, depending on the account balance. Platinum Relationship Money Market requires a $15,000 deposit, and interest is paid monthly on a five-tier system.

• Certificates of Deposit – CDs can be purchased for terms ranging from 7 days or longer. $2,500 is the minimum purchase for terms from 7 to 89 days, and $500 is the minimum for 90 day terms or longer. CD rates are fixed for the duration of the term.

• Individual Retirement Account – IRAs are available from Regions Bank so savings can earn tax-free interest. Up to $5,000 can be contributed on an annual basis.

• Life Insurance – AmSouth Bank sells both term and whole life insurance at competitive prices.

• Safe Deposit Box – Safe deposit boxes can be leased to protect valuable items, property deeds, bearer bonds, and important documents in a secured vault.

All of AmSouth’s accounts can be managed through Regions online banking. Online banking allows account holders to manage their accounts, and receive online statements. Bill Pay can also be used to handle payments securely online without having to write and mail checks. Mobile banking is also available for those on the go.

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