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Laser For Stretch Marks - Laser Treatments for Stretch Marks - Preventive Treatment for Stretch Marks, Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

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For many women, one of the dreaded consequences of pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks. Over three quarters of pregnant women get stretch marks of some kind, and, while these blemishes are certainly a small price to pay for the joy of a new born baby, there are also treatments available to reduce the visibility of stretch marks or remove them altogether.

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched, usually more quickly than normal, and the body cannot produce enough collagen, resulting in a tear in the dermis. Thus, a stretch mark is actually a kind of scar. The most common places for stretch marks are around the navel, under the arms, and in the lower back and buttocks. In addition to pregnant women, anyone who gains weight rapidly may also have stretch marks. While the marks often fade and subside, especially when a person loses the extra weight, for many, stretch marks are an ongoing problem, and various treatments are available, including stretch mark laser removal.

Preventive Treatment for Stretch Marks

While no study has definitively proved it, many people claim that the application of various creams and lotions will prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Some studies indicate that materials such as Gotu Kola extract, vitamin E, and collagen hydrolysates may be helpful in preventing stretch marks. Many other claim that the application of vitamin E oils, elastin, and cocoa butter helps to prevent stretch marks. In general though, the evidence for these preventative measures is more anecdotal than scientific.

Stretch Mark Laser Treatment

While some people claim that creams and lotions do as good of a good removing stretch marks as they do preventing them, the evidence for this is also inclusive. However, advances in laser technology have made laser treatments for stretch marks a good option for many. A 2007 article in the medical journal Dermatologic Surgery indicated that a combination of radiofrequency rejuvenation and laser treatment was frequently successful in the treatment of stretch marks. The radio rejuvenation process stimulates the collagen in the dermis through radio waves. The laser treatment that is used with this process is a pulsed dye laser (PDL). PDL’s focus their beams on blood vessels in the skin. In this process, the heat from the laser destroys the damaged blood vessel without harming the undamaged skin. In the Dermatologic Surgery study, 33 out of 37 people who underwent this treatment reported satisfactory results.

Another type of laser treatment for stretch marks is fractional laser resurfacing. With these treatments, the laser is focused a small part of the stretch mark at each visit. As the skin responds to the heat of the lasers, new collagen is produced and the stretch marks slowly heal. In another 2007 study, all of the patients who received this kind of treatment for their stretch marks reported some improvement and over 85% of the patients were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the treatments.

Both of these laser treatment options require multiple visits, and the treatments could cost $200 or more per visit, so the overall cost could easily exceed $1,000. Be sure to check with your insurance company and have a clear understanding of your out of pocket costs before beginning stretch mark laser treatments.

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