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Mlm Network Marketing Opportunity - Multi Level Marketing - Benefits and Opportunities in Multi Level Marketing, Dangers in Multi Level Marketing

Opportunities and Dangers

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To many people, any multi level market (MLM) opportunity sounds suspiciously like a dangerous pyramid scheme and a plan to cheat them, and possibly their friends and neighbors, out of money. However, while there are some MLM networks that are nothing but scams, many people have found that with a little savvy and a lot of hard work, a MLM network marketing opportunity can be a business success.

Benefits and Opportunities in Multi Level Marketing

While MLM companies often get a bad name, many well known companies, including Avon, Amway, and Tupperware can be considered MLM companies. In the Avon sales structure, for example, every new representative enters the company as part of a team of sales representatives. Individual sales commissions range from 20% for sales between $25 and $144 and gradually move up to 50% on sales greater than $1,550. In addition to these commissions, after reaching certain thresholds, sales representatives will then be eligible to build their own sales team. They can moved through the ranks, so to speak, to gain commission on the sales made by their team. Starting with a 7% commission bonus as a unit leader can move up to advanced unit leader (8% bonus), executive unit leader (12% bonus), and senior executive unit leader (12% bonus and car allowance) as she sees the members of her team become unit leaders and build their own teams. The structures at Amway and Tupperware are similar.

Dangers in Multi Level Marketing

If you are considering working for a well known MLM company, then you will probably be able to get a good idea of the basic structure of the company by talking to a few representatives and looking around online. If you are considering a less known MLM opportunity, then it is very important to do your homework, especially before giving them any money. Take the time to read everything on the company’s website. Also look at as many online reviews as you can. While every company will have a negative review or two, if you see warnings about unethical or even illegal practices at a company, it is best to steer clear of it.

Many people have found that working for Avon, Tupperware, or Amway, along with other MLM companies can be a rewarding and enjoyable way to earn extra money or, less frequently, a full time income. However, more often than not, those who sign up as sales representatives end up making little money on the venture. Those who are successful in MLM companies emphasize the need to work hard, seek out new contacts, and patiently build both a client base and a team of representatives. MLM opportunities are not get rich quick schemes. Rather, like any business endeavor, they are opportunities for people to use their skills to provide consumers with a service that they think will benefit them. If you enter a MLM opportunity with a small business mindset, you will be more likely to meet your goals and succeed.

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