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Astronomy Laser Pointer - Buying an Astronomy Laser Pointer - Top Models of Astronomy Laser Pointer

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We are all aware of the red laser pointers like those used by class clowns to incite a laugh or by kids at a movie theater to point out peoples’ unmentionables. There seems to be no legitimate practical use for them. What most people are not aware is that there is a different type of laser pointer available to consumers that can be used outside at night to point out distance objects and astronomical features such as stars thousands of light years away.

An astronomy laser pointer looks much like its regular red cousin on the outside. It is shaped like a thick pen. The beam of an astronomy laser pointer, however, is green and about 60 times brighter than the red version. The curious properties that makes these pointers extraordinary is that the beam creates the illusion to the human eye that it is stopping at the object toward which it is pointed. The beam can be followed from hand to sky to accurately point out objects as small as stars.

The standard for an astronomy laser pointer is 5 milliwatts (mW) of power and a laser wavelength of 532 nanometers (nm). Higher wattage pointers, up to 500 mW are available, but are not always safe to use. The technology used to emit a laser of this power and frequency is more complicated than the common red type. Because a direct diode would cost thousands of dollars, it is necessary to mechanically and electronically convert a laser beam of a frequency that can be cheaply produced. The extra technology makes the astronomy laser pointer more expensive than the red pointer.

Top Models of Astronomy Laser Pointer

When purchasing an astronomy laser pointer for academic use or as a tool to further a serious interest in astronomy, it is necessary to make sure you are buying a quality pointer. Stories abound of people buying an unknown brand and not getting exactly what they paid for. To make sure you are getting a quality astronomy laser pointer, make sure you are using a reputable brand or manufacturer. Do not buy the pointer unless the company has a long history or you read positive reviews from a source unaffiliated with the manufacturer. To make your search easier, here are some of the top astronomy laser pointers for sale:

Spyder III Green Laser Pointer

The Spyder III is one of the highest-quality green laser pointers sold today. It is extremely stable and has a strong, impact-resistant case. The pointer is 228 mm long and 35.8 mm wide. The case is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a black finish. It has three output powers: 100 mW, 300 mW, and 500 mW. It uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. The battery and charger are included. List price is around $200.

Infinity II Series High Power Green Portable Laser

This astronomy laser pointer is of the highest quality, and it also carries a high price at around $350. It is 150 mm long by 12 mm wide, and the case is made of brass with a black finish. Output power ranges from 95 mW to 150 mW. The diameter of the beam produced in 1.2 mm at the aperture. It runs on two standard AAA batteries that provide 60 minutes of use. It is recommended to turn the pointer off for 10 seconds for every 100 seconds it is on.

Zhumell Green Astronomical Laser Pointer (JLPS-5S-1)

Zhumell is a top name in the world of Astronomy. This company operates out of Omaha, Nebraska, producing quality optical tools such as binoculars, telescopes, and spotting scopes. This model has a range of 25,000 feet and has a sleek design. It consistently receives outstanding reviews by astronomy enthusiasts. List price is around $120.

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