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Answering Machine Phone - Buying an Answering Machine Phone - Top Models of Answering Machine Phone

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Buying a new home phone has never been a more difficult process. The major problem is that most of the attention in communications systems now goes to cell phones, and regular home phones have largely gotten lost in the shuffle. Uncovering information about which home phones are available and how they compare to your needs takes a little work. To make matters worse, home phone technology continues to advance, making the choice selection wider.

One of the most popular types of home phone is the cordless answering machine phone. There is no doubt than an answering service is a must-have feature in a phone. Many people go the easy route and just order automatic voicemail from their telephone service provider. Voicemail from your service provider, however, carries an extra monthly charge. It can also be a hassle to find and retrieve messages. Many voicemail systems make you listen to the menu of choices between each and every message.

On the other side of the coin are phone answering machines. You could buy a phone answering machine separately from your phone, but then you have to learn how to connect them together, and they never fully integrate. Buying an answering machine phone gives you an answering service with no monthly fee that requires no installation and is fully integrated with the phone itself. There is no better solution.

Top Models of Answering Machine Phone

Many people believe that phone answering machines are old technology, but this is just another confusion caused by the cell phone boom. A home answering machine phone often uses much of the same technology as cell phones, including flash memory and Bluetooth wireless. Here are the top three phone answering machines sold today:

VTech Expandable Digital Cordless Phone System – LS6245

The VTech LS6245 cordless phone answering machine system has a sleek modern design that makes it look like a space-age remote control sitting on a slim, glossy black base. This phone uses Bluetooth wireless technology that works in conjunction with DECT 6.0, a new frequency band with greater range than older frequencies. This phone has no mechanical buttons. It uses touch-screen buttons, instead.

The LS6245 uses polyphonic ring tones and has a large backlit LCD screen. It won’t interfere with other electronic devices and conversations are secure because they are converted into digital signals before being broadcast to the base station. The handset can also connect to your cell phone via the built-in Bluetooth. Switching between cell phone mode and home phone mode requires only a touch of the screen. The digital answering machine stores 14 minutes of calls, and the set is expandable up to 12 handsets. The base station with one handset lists for around $100.

Panasonic 2-Line DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone – KXTG9381T

This phone system also uses the DECT 6.0 frequency at 1.9 GHz so it does not interfere with other wireless devices. It includes Bluetooth for use with headsets or to connect to your cell phone. Cell phone contacts can be transmitted via Bluetooth to the home phone. It can store 600 contacts.

Other features of the KXTG9381T include expansion of up to 6 handsets and 2 phone lines, 12 hour talk time, backlit LCD, speakerphone, belt clip, intercom, clock, alarm, caller ID, and a 40-minute digital answering system. The list price of the base and one handset is around $138.00.

AT&T Cordless Answering Machine Phone – E2912B

This cordless phone/digital answering machine combo is a low-cost, no-frills model for those who are looking for reliability and simplicity. This set comes with a charging base with cordless handset and a second handset with a basic charging stand. The digital answering machine records up to 14 minutes of calls. This phone uses the standard 2.4 GHz frequency.

Features of this phone system include LED message counter, wall mounting option, color LCD, illuminated keypad, caller ID, selectable ringtones, and 2 belt clips. The list price is only about $63.

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