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Atlantic Dvd Storage - Atlantic DVD Storage Solutions - The Beginning of Atlantic DVD Storage, Current Line of Atlantic DVD Storage

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Never have DVD storage solutions enjoyed as much popularity as they do now. This is all thanks to the advent of Blu-ray technology. Not only has Blu-ray revitalized recorded media sales, but it has revitalized sales of storage furniture and appliances.

Now that Blu-ray is on the scene, DVDs are falling drastically in price. Some stores and video rental outlets are liquidating DVDs to make room for Blu-ray. DVDs can be bought cheaply in large lots or in the bargain bins at Walmart and Kmart. As movie enthusiasts begin to horde ever-larger quantities of DVDs and Blu-ray discs, the need for display and storage equipment has expanded.

To fill this gap, Atlantic, Inc. has been manufacturing new models and types of storage. Atlantic DVD storage solutions are quickly becoming the standard for eye-catching design, durability, and craftsmanship in the industry.

The Beginning of Atlantic DVD Storage

Atlantic, Inc. was founded in California in 1986. Their current headquarters is in Santa Fe Springs, just east of Los Angeles. In the 25 years since their founding, Atlantic DVD storage solutions have become one of the best-selling brands in the world. Today, Atlantic DVD storage is distributed throughout North and South America, Asia, and Europe. They also have large showrooms in Las Vegas, Bentonville, and Shenzhen, and China, while distribution centers are in China, Canada, and California.

Over the years, Atlantic has patented over 165 innovations related to DVD storage, with no end in sight. Current goals are oriented toward environmentally-friendly production and materials. Among the achievements of Atlantic DVD storage are 13 awards from the annual Consumer Electronics Show, a first-place SPARC Award, and 3 Walmart Vendor of the Year awards.

Current Line of Atlantic DVD Storage

Current Atlantic DVD storage solutions are divided into four categories: Desktop, Portable, Home, and Media Living. Each category offers unique DVD storage and display units made for specific situations, rooms, and décor.

Desktop DVD Storage

The desktop Atlantic DVD storage series currently has 13 pieces available that fit on a desk for display or in small spaces for out-of-sight storage. Some of the more popular pieces include the following:

• Babe Rack – The Babe Rack is a standard rack unit that can be used for CDs or DVDs. It holds 26 CDs vertically or 12 DVDs horizontally.
• Disc Album – The Disc Album is a colorful storage solution that can be used to organize caseless DVDs into color-coordinated folders. Disc Albums come in 36- and 72-disc sets.
• File Cube – This cube-shaped storage box can home 80 DVDs organized with hanging file folders. The lid closure snaps shut to secure the discs.

Portable DVD Storage

Portable DVD storage solutions are made to protect DVDs while traveling. Here are the top items in this category:

• Metro Disc Wallet – This DVD wallet is made for a textured surface material for durability and grip. It holds up to 96 DVDs and is closed by zipper.
• Metro DVD Disc Binder – The Disc Binder is in a briefcase design that holds up to 352 DVDs. It has a zipper enclosure and a top handle.
• Executive Hardcase – This hardcase is both durable and stylish. It includes protective sleeves that can be organized by number. Removable dividers are also provided. This case has a latch closure with a secure lock. It can hold 200 DVDs.

Home DVD Storage

Home Atlantic DVD storage is the most popular category. This category includes shelving units and stands.

• Typhoon Media Tower Spinner – This tower shelf has four tiers of espresso shelves and silver-colored supports that hold up to 144 DVDs. The base allows the shelf to spin 360-degrees.
• Mitsu Media Rack – This 5-tier rack has a simple design featuring double-beam shelves supported by diamond-shaped criss-cross brackets. This shelf is simple, yet looks like it could cost 10-times its actual price.
• Oskar 1080 – This is the largest shelf offered for Atlantic DVD storage. It features 10 compartmentalized tiers that can hold 1,080 CDs or 504 DVDs.

Media Living DVD Storage

The Media Living category is made of modular cases in several designs. Each module has a leatherette stitched finish for an elegant look. Designs include the following:

• Media Crate – This is an open-top box for protected storage.
• Movie Bin – The Movie Bin is for display, having a diagonal downslope from a full-size back to short front-end.
• Movie Caddy – This Media Living design is also for display. The back-half has full-size side walls, the front-half has half-size side walls.

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