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Audiovox Car Dvd Players - Buying Audiovox Car DVD Players - Audiovox Car DVD Players are Born, The Top Audiovox Car DVD Players

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Audiovox is one of the largest and most trusted names in aftermarket automobile electronics. Although they gained much of their reputation by providing new car electronics, today, most of their sales are for used vehicles or as accessory upgrades. The company was an original powerhouse in the world of car stereos, but as time marched on, they expanded into mobile audio/visual with VCRs, televisions, LCD screens, and DVD players. Audiovox car DVD players are still among the best-selling in the market.

Audiovox Car DVD Players are Born

Audiovox is one of the great American success stories. Founder, John Shalam, is considered to be a sales genius. He started his business in 1965 as an importer, but a mixup sunk one of his first large loans into a lot of 2,000 car radios. With no way to return them, he could only move forward. He sold the car radios to dealers and unexpectedly sold out fast. Shalam moved the business exclusively into the domain of car radios and never looked back.

The first Audiovox car video unit was shipped in 1997, and the company was instantly recognized as the leader in the industry. After 2000, Audiovox set their sights on the competition, acquiring Jensen, Advent, and Phase Linear to seal their place as the leader in car video equipment.

Today, the company has diversified into other auto and mobile electronics, but Audiovox car DVD players are still top-selling products.

The Top Audiovox Car DVD Players

Audiovox once sold a large range of audio/visual electronics for cars. Audiovox DVD players, however, have taken a backseat, literally. Today, only one type of Audiovox DVD player is manufactured – the mobile overhead video. These units are all-in-one devices that contain an overhead DVD player and flip-down LCD screen. The top models are as follows:


This unit has a 12.1-inch LCD monitor that flips down from the base, which contains a built-in DVD player. This award-winning model loads DVDs on the side and also accepts video from an SD memory card slot and a USB port. An added feature of this model is the wireless game controller, preloaded with 30 classic video games. Other features include a 16-channel FM modulator, 3.5mm headphone jack, dome lights, wireless remote control, and two sets of headphones. This unit lists at about $960.


This model combines one of the bestselling Audiovox DVD players with a portable Playstation 2 that flips down from the main housing. This system has a 10.2-inch LCD screen and DVDs are played directly from the PS2. Included are a multifunctional remote control, 2 PS2 Dualshock2 game controllers, and 2 PS2 games. Other features include infrared headphone transmitter, A/V inputs, 2 sets of flat-folding headphones, and a 16-channel FM modulator. List price for this system is around $850.


This Audiovox DVD player has the largest screen of any model at 15.4 inches. The built-in DVD player accepts both NTSC and PAL DVDs. The dropdown monitor is large enough for everyone in the vehicle to enjoy. Added features are 2 A/V inputs, 1 A/V output, an infrared transmitter, remote control, and dome lights. This system lists for around $750.

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