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Fax Laser Printer - The Multi-function Fax Laser Printer: Your Answer to Home Office Productivity - Why Go With Multi-Function Fax/Laser Printers

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Multi-function office printers can open doors to home office productivity that you never dreamed possible, at lower prices than you would think. With today’s advancements in printing technology, you can find good-quality laser printers in the $100-200 range easily. So for any home office or small business, there really is no excuse to be without one! They can save on total printing costs per page, help prevent wasted paper, give great text definition, and save you tons of money by incorporating multiple functions that you used to have to buy completely separate machines in order to access. Read on for a detailed introduction into their benefits, things to keep in mind when shopping for a new fax/laser printer, and where to find the top brands.

Why Go With Multi-Function Fax/Laser Printers

Print Quality
Laser printing technology enables very smooth, detailed text on every page that you print. Because the printing is actually done with an incredibly precise laser, this gives you very high resolution text and images that are some of the best available to home printers.

Printing Costs
While the startup costs of purchasing a laser printer are usually slightly higher than that of inkjet printers (although that gap is dissolving every day), laser printers offer a much higher printing capacity per toner cartridge, which means that your total printing costs per page are much lower. This is another reason laser printers have become the standard for business use.

Printing Speed
Laser printers enable very quick printing speeds, which is great for home offices, businesses, or anyone who does a lot of document and form printing. The very fastest laser printers can print over 100 pages per minute!

Enhanced Fax Capabilities
Modern fax machines incorporate many technologically advanced features that are more adapted for our age. For example, one great paper-saving feature is the ability to receive faxes as PDF files via email. Now instead of mandatory page printing, you can receive all office faxes electronically, and just print out the ones that need to be printed. With email faxes, you can easily appoint one default address for all faxes to go to, who can then electronically forward it to the appropriate party. This way, no paper is necessary at all!

Today’s machines come with everything that a small office needs built right in to one handy model. They usually incorporate a document scanning bed that can be used either for faxes or as a scanning machine for your computer, allowing you to send the scanned document/image right to your email. The printer portion can be used with incoming faxes if desired, and it can also function as a networked computer printer for your whole office.

Not only can multi-function laser fax machines give you long-term economies of scale from per-page printing costs, today even their initial price has gone down significantly. As stated previously, you can find a good laser printer starting in the $100-200 range for any home office, and even professional models have become more inexpensive over the years.

Things to Keep in Mind

Remember that most business/office laser printers in the inexpensive price range are monochrome, or black and white printers. If you need color printing abilities, there are laser printers than can do the job. But these are typically much more expensive. If you require heavy photo and color document printing from your home or office, inkjet printers will usually give you the cheapest options in terms of startup costs.

Most printer features are easy to decipher, because they use phrases like “pages per minute” for printing speed and “3-in-1” or “multi-function” to describe scan/copy/fax machines. But one you may not be familiar with is resolution – this is described in dots per inch, or dpi. Dpi can range from 300 on the low side to 1200 on the high. But for specialty and high-end color printers, dpi can sometimes go as high as 2400 or more. If you are in a profession that needs anything near that resolution, you will probably already know the lingo. If not, a 600-1200 dpi machine should be plenty to fit your needs.

Where to Buy Multi-function Printers

Canon produces a great line of economical home printers that get rave customer reviews for a very low price. You can find reliable, detailed, and easy to use printers for less than $200 with Canon.

Brother is another manufacturer with a devoted customer base who swear by them. They also have many options from $100-200, though most of their models are on the higher end of that scale.

HP is a long-time manufacturer of printer products, so you can bet that they know their stuff. Many of their multi-function fax/laser printer machines go for close to $200, but they also produce solid printing results and an impressed fan base.

That’s it for this multi-function fax laser printer guide. For anyone with a home office or small business, this is one investment that will pay itself off tenfold in convenience and long-term savings.

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