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Audiovox Portable Dvd Players - Buying Audiovox Portable DVD Players

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There is no better way to occupy time while traveling than by watching a video or a movie on a portable DVD player. If you are traveling in a car that has a DVD player and flip-down LCD screens, then there is no problem, but when you are traveling by a commercial service or with someone else, all you have to rely on is yourself. Purchasing a portable DVD player can be a lifesaver in situations like these.

One company that was an early leader and has remained so for the past 30 years is Audiovox. Audiovox was founded in 1965 by Joh Shalam. He was just looking to make a buck by using his natural business savvy and communications skills when he found himself stuck with a load of 2,000 car radios paid for by a large loan. Having only two options, sink or swim, Shalam got on the phone and sold every one to car radio dealers in his local area. When they called him back for more, he knew he had found his calling.

The company expanded into car video systems in 1997, once again becoming an instant success in the field. The natural extension of selling car video equipment was selling portable video players that could be taken with you outside the vehicle. Audiovox portable DVD players stood their ground against the large video companies, showing they could go toe-to-toe against even the largest competitors. Today, Audiovox portable DVD players remain celebrated for providing the best quality for their price.

While there are several Audiovox portable DVD players currently on the market, a few select models stand out as clear winners inside the confines of Audiovox and compared to other brands of portable DVD players. Here are the top models of Audiovox portable DVD players currently for sale:


This model represents the state-of-the-art technology used in Audiovox portable DVD players. It has a 9-inch LCD display that swivels left, right, up, and down, so there is never a reason to suffer from sun glare. This unit plays both CDs and DVDs and also has JPEG still image capability. Features include headphone jacks, card slot, built-in speakers, rechargeable battery with a 2-hour viewing time, remote control, and wired folding headphones are included. This unit lists for around $200.


The DS9106 is the only model to improve on the DS905PK. This model also has a swiveling 9-inch LCD screen, built-in speakers, USB port, and A/V output, but instead of 2 hours, playback has been extended to 6 hours. Buttons have also been made larger and easier to control. The Video Snip feature allows playback of recorded video via USB. This model also lists for approximately $200.


This model is the basic model of Audiovox portable DVD player. It only has a 7 inch screen, but it delivers a clear, sharp picture. Sound is via built-in stereo speakers. Other features include a 4-hour playback time, A/C output, two headphone jacks, and the ability to decode CD-RWs and other forms of media. This unit retails for only $130.

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