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Att Phone Card - Choosing an AT&T Phone Card - How to Use an AT&T Phone Card

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Cell phones did much to destroy the market for phone cards, but phone cards are yet far from dead. Many people still use phone cards for both interstate and international calls. They are a great way for people to stay in-touch, especially for people who cannot justify the expense of a cell phone, and interstate minutes are much less than prepaid cell phone minutes. Phone card rates for international calling cannot be beat by any traditional or cell phone service provider.

One of the most popular phones cards is the AT&T phone card. AT&T phone card solutions are numerous and affordable. There are two major types of card, and they both operate very much the same: the traditional phone card and the virtual phone card. The only difference is that a traditional phone card is an actual plastic or laminated card. A virtual phone card is just the information that is normally found on a card delivered via online sources or email.

How to Use an AT&T Phone Card

Once you have purchased an AT&T phone card, all you need is a touch-tone phone located anywhere in the world. From the U.S., the phone card is used by first calling the toll-free number for service access. At the prompt, enter the PIN on the card. When the PIN is accepted, enter the number. For interstate calls, enter a “1” before the area code. For international calls, enter “011,” the country code, then the phone number.

To call from outside the U.S., you will need the AT&T USADirect access number for the country you are in. After calling the USADirect access number, enter your PIN, and dial just as you would if you were in the U.S.

AT&T Phone Card Rates

The rates of an AT&T phone card vary depending on if you are calling interstate or international, and by how many minutes you purchase at once. For calls to U.S. numbers, rates are currently (but are subject to change) 4 cents/min when you buy 1,000 minutes, 5 cents/min for 500-minute cards, 6 cents/min for 300-min cards, or 7 cents/min for 100-min cards. In addition to these rates, AT&T often has bonus minutes or special deals available when you buy the card online from their website.

When calling internationally-located phone numbers, the rates are dependent on the country to which you are calling. Rates can be as low as 5 cents/min or as high as $2.25/min to remote locations such as East Timor. Many European and East Asian locations are 10 cents/min or less and over half of all countries are under 23 cents/min.

AT&T Phone Card Features

After purchasing an AT&T phone card, you can keep the same toll-free access number and PIN by recharging it with a credit card online or over the phone. The AT&T website can also be used to check the balance on a card simply by entering the toll-free access number and the PIN.

AT&T supports U.S. troops oversees by offering calling kiosks on most international military bases. Soldiers and officers can use AT&T phone cards at the reduced military exchange rate from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait of 15 cents/min for 550-minute cards or 22.5 cents/minute for 300-minute cards. AT&T also makes it easy to purchase cards to be used by loved ones on active duty. Cards are delivered quickly by the American Red Cross.

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