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Auto Rental New York - Finding a Cheap Auto Rental in New York

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Finding a cheap auto rental in New York City takes a little legwork, but the small amount of effort required can translated into big dollars, especially when you need a car for a week or longer. Following these tips will you get the most for your money when you need an Auto Rental in New York:

Rate Structure – Rental car companies in New York use different rate structures to charge you for use of the car. Some car companies offer unlimited miles, and the fee is strictly a per day charge. Other companies have a per day charge and an additional charge for each mile. Still other companies have limited free miles, up to a certain number per day. After the free miles are expended, additional per mile fees are added. If you know approximately how many miles you will be driving, you are in a position to calculate which rate will be cheapest. If you don’t know how many miles you will drive, the unlimited mileage plans will protect you from unexpected surprises.

Fees and Insurance

New York has recently implemented laws that bar rental companies from charging any additional fees. In the past, renting a car to be used in Brooklyn or the Bronx activated a fee as high as $100 extra per day. This is no longer a consideration. Fees are solely based on car size, type of car, taxes, location, day of week, season, and additional drivers. Renting a car in New York will be less expensive if you choose a budget compact car on the weekend for only one driver.

Car rental insurance fees are very controversial. In most cases, your current auto insurance or the insurance provided by your credit card already covers all costs of accidents and damage. In New York, rental car providers are required to have insurance and they are not allowed to charge customers renting for 30 days or less more than $100 for any damages or losses. If you take the optional insurance, you could find yourself paying up to $30 extra per day for coverage you already have. If you are renting for a week, that means you are paying up to $210 to protect you from a liability that cannot exceed $100. However, the $100 does not include medical liability, so make sure your existing auto insurance or your credit card car rental insurance has you covered.


While you are not allowed to be charged an additional airport fee like in most other states, you are still liable for airport taxes when renting a car from a NYC airport. Airport taxes are much higher than regular city taxes. In addition, to make for the airport fees they are losing out on, many rental car companies have simply raised the standard rate at airport car rental locations. To get the best rate, rent from a neighborhood location whenever possible.

Other Tips

Always make an advance reservation. This will lock in your rate even if they do not have any vehicles in the class you reserved. They will upgrade you free. Charges can also be at a higher rate for walk-in service. Also, always make sure any existing damage is noted on the rental agreement, or you could find yourself being charged for it upon returning the car.

Cheapest Companies for Auto Rental in New York

Although several factors determine the exact rates charged by each car rental company, a few companies have consistently lower rates than others. No guarantees can be made, but here are your best bets for the cheapest auto rental in New York:

• Enterprise (800-261-7331) – Rates from Enterprise are often the lowest in NYC. Weekly rates can save you over $200 compared to more expensive agencies, such as Avis.
• Dollar (800-800-3665) – Dollar car rentals are among the lowest in the city and the state of New York. They always run specials that can save you even more.
• Budget (800-527-0700) – Budget car rentals are not always the cheapest, but at select times, their low rates can be very surprising. These surprise rates make them always worth checking out.

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