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Farberware Cookware Set - Guide to the Perfect Farberware Cooking Set - Metal Types, Set Sizes, Online Resources

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Farberware has been a provider of cookware for almost 100 years, and has become a valuable resource for home cooks and professionals alike. Today they make just about every non-electric kitchen tool that you could ever ask for, from tea kettles to baking pans to complete cookware sets. But when it comes to cookware, many people are confused by the wide price range and many different product materials that are used for seemingly similar tools. Should you go with stainless or carbon steel? Do you need a 15 piece set or will a 10 piece do? What other products do they offer? Read on to find helpful information on all of these topics, so that you can select the perfect cookware set for your unique needs.

Metal Types

Farberware has three different main metal types for their pans. Some come in a combination of multiple metals, which can let you access the best parts of both materials. Consider each metal’s benefits when selecting a Farberware pan, or any brand for that matter.

Aluminum boasts very fast, even heat distribution, so your pans can heat up quickly with no cold spots. Aluminum is also very light-weight, which can be handy for smaller cooking jobs. However, aluminum is not very durable. It can dent or warp with frequent use, and may even break if mistreated. Pans crafted from aluminum should normally not be washed in the dishwasher or left to soak for long periods of time due to metallic reactions and discoloration.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel offers high durability that makes it oven safe if no rubber or plastic pieces are attached. It is also dishwasher safe. Stainless steel does not offer quite as efficient heat transfer as aluminum, but the two metals are often combined to get the best of both worlds. An example of this is Farberware’s Millenium Set, which encases a thick aluminum base in durable stainless steel.

Carbon Steel
Carbon steel is also known as “milled steel”, and it offers great tempering and durable construction. This metal is often used in baking applications. You can find it in almost every one of Farberware’s cookie sheets, pizza pans, bundt pans, and other similar products. Carbon steel bakeware is often combined with a nonstick coating to ensure easy removal of baked goods.

Set Sizes

Usually, Farberware cooking sets will come in 10, 12, and 15-piece combinations, but some series go as high as 17. Which you choose just depends on what you will use. 10-piece sets have all of the basics, including various-sized sauce pans with accompanying lids, two sauce pans, and a large sauce pot with lid. Farberware’s 12-piece sets usually include a couple of bonus kitchen tools like slotted spoons or spatulas. 15 piece sets throw in even more kitchen tools and an extra-large stock pot. And if you go for the 17-piece set from the Classic series, you will get a generous helping of bakeware, too.

Every set offers something a little bit different, so it is important to look over all of your options. Figure out what you are looking for now, so you will know when you find the set of your dreams. Ask yourself what you do most in the kitchen, and which tools you consider most essential. Chances are, Farberware will have a set that fits the bill.

Online Resources

For a list of all Farberware cookware sets, check out their cookware set summary page. Here you can find detailed descriptions of each cooking set, including construction techniques, metals used, and what tools are included. Or if you are looking to expand your existing collection, check out Cookware 101 to find a summary of every product type that they carry. Whether you are in the market for a skillet, griddle, or stock pot, you can find them here.

Finally, if you need further help in deciding what cookware set is for you, Farberware has developed a nifty online program to do just that. Check out the “What’s the Right Cookware for You?” quiz on the bottom of the Products Page to test it out.

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