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External Cell Phone Antenna - External Cell Phone Antenna Guide - Cell Phone External Antenna, Large Home/Office Signal Booster Systems

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Are you sick of dropped calls, cellular static, and having to ask people to repeat themselves about a million times? Then it is time to get some outside help. There are many products out there that can immensely increase your cell phone’s signal, and make these problems a thing of the past. Read on for a quick and easy guide to the different options available to you, including their respective pros and cons.

Cell Phone External Antenna

Cell phone external antennas are a simple and inexpensive way to boost your phone’s signal, but they do come with their limitations. First, you have to make sure that your phone even accepts an external antenna, because if it does not, you will have to find another way to connect it. Look up your specific phone model on the internet or check your user’s manual to find out if your phone has this capability. It is usually in the form of a small hole near the antenna, which is plugged by a plastic or rubber flap. But some models even have plugs near the battery case, so it is important to find the details your specific phone’s location and connection type. If you cannot find an antenna that will plug directly into your phone, not to worry – you can also find adapters that will allow you to connect them.

As you can see, the biggest drawback for this type of antenna is that it actually has to be connected to your phone, which diminishes the advantages of cellular somewhat. Also, your antenna must be grounded on a metal plate in order to work correctly, so you will not be able to carry it with you on a camping/hiking trip and expect it to work. These antennas are made mostly for vehicle or indoor use, where they will be mounted via magnets or other means.

However, a magnet attachment does mean that your antenna is easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle. When mounted correctly, these antennas do show marked signal improvement for many phones, usually resulting in a two-bar increase or more. They are also a life-saver for many people who suffer from living or working in a “dead zone” for their wireless carrier, allowing them to connect from places they never could before.

Large Home/Office Signal Booster Systems

Sometimes the problem with cell phone reception is more related to the building itself. If you live or work in a building with a lot of concrete, chances are you will notice significantly lower coverage and even totally blocked service the deeper you go. But this can be altogether alleviated by a signal booster system. This system uses a cell phone signal receiver that is placed outside the building or somewhere with strong cellular coverage. That signal is then relayed to wireless amplifiers inside the building in low-coverage areas, giving you a strong signal in areas where you could barely get service at all.

This type of system does carry a higher cost, both for the equipment itself and the installation. However, it can be well worth the investment for many businesses that are faced with this problem. One dual-band system can relay signals for most major cell phone carriers, ensuring that all of your employees’ carriers are covered. It also carries the benefit of being completely wireless, with no need for connecting phones directly to any antenna.

Portable Signal Booster Systems

This type of system brings the wireless signal relay design to your car, letting you access strong, dependable signals for phone calls or wireless internet access just about anywhere you go. This system plugs into your car’s power supply, and usually is connected to a fixed antenna on the roof. It uses a small booster unit in your car’s interior to broadcast the strengthened signals right where you need them.

This type of setup requires more effort to install than a simple external antenna (plus a heavier price tag), but it also carries the benefit of being completely wireless. If you have the money to invest and do not plan on moving the system from vehicle to vehicle, this is a great way to ensure ease of coverage in just about any location. You also do not have to worry about phone connection types or external antenna capabilities. The only thing you should make sure of is that your signal booster supports your cellular carrier.

Where to Find More Information

If you would like further information on costs and schematics of each of these systems, check out AlternativeWireless.com for in-depth coverage. Or if you already know what system will work best for you, you can find quality hardware at many online stores, even large discount sellers like Amazon.com. Just make sure to get something compatible with your particular phone model (for external antennas) and wireless carrier (for signal boosters).

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