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Bristol Airport Car Parking - A Guide to Bristol Airport Car Parking - Silver Zone, Short Stay Parking, Long Stay Parking

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There are several different options when it comes to Bristol Airport car parking. These different options for parking at Bristol airport cover people who are staying for a short time or a long time, but you have to know ahead of time which option to choose. Also some options are money-savers, while others offer better locations in exchange for higher prices. All Bristol Airport car parking spaces except for the short stay and long stay lots must be booked ahead of time on the airport’s website. Here’s a quick guide to parking at Bristol Airport.

Silver Zone

The least expensive parking choice at Bristol Airport is the Silver Zone, which is open 24 hours a day. There is a courtesy bus that connects the Silver Zone car park with the terminal, and the bus also runs 24 hours a day. Travelers can choose two different options when booking in the Silver Zone. The least expensive is the non-flexible booking, but no changes can be made for those who go this route. Travelers who prefer to be able to change their parking plans can choose a slightly more expensive price in the Silver Zone, which will allow them to make changes for up to two days before their booked day. The Silver Zone is only for people who will be parking their car for at least four days. Parking in the Silver Zone costs about 50 pounds for four days.

Short Stay Parking

Travelers who will only be parking their car for three days or less should check out the short stay parking. This lot is close to the terminal, and some people even choose to park there if they are picking up someone from the airport. Bristol Airport car parking for the short stay lot costs about 31 pounds per day.

Long Stay Parking

Those who do not want to be as far from the terminal as the Silver Zone but will be gone for more than a day will probably want to park in the long stay car park. The long stay car park is also connected to the terminal by a bus. It costs about 70 pounds to park in this lot for two weeks. It is often unavailable for those who want to park for shorter periods of time.

Priority and Meet and Greet Parking

Travelers who like to be pampered every step of the way will want to check out either priority parking or Meet and Greet parking. Priority parking is the parking lot that is closest to the terminal. Travelers just leave their car in the drop off zone and head into the terminal. There is very limited availability for Priority parking, and the limit for duration of parking there is 15 days. Travelers pay about 40 pounds for two days to park in the priority lot.

Meet and Greet parking is the airport’s valet parking service. Travelers just leave their car in the drop off zone and then give their keys to the concierge. The concierge will meet you back in the drop off zone when you return if you just let them know when you are coming. Meet and Greet parking is just a bit more than the priority lot, coming in right around 45 pounds for two days.

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