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Broadband Phone Line - All About a Broadband Phone Line - Vonage, XVoice, Phone Power

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A broadband phone line is very likely the future of phone service. Many homes already have an internet connection, and when people are forced to choose between an internet connection and a phone line, they are more likely to choose the internet connection. This is because many people have cell phones and do not see any reason to continue paying the high prices involved with having a land line.

A broadband phone line actually works over the internet and allows users to use their regular telephone and actually make calls over the internet. A broadband phone line is commonly called VoIP, or voice over internet protocol. Some broadband phone line services require a special box and set up, while others are integrated more thoroughly into your internet system. Let us take a look at some of the most popular companies that provide a broadband phone line.


One of the original companies that offer a broadband phone line is Vonage. Users must pay to purchase the telephone adapter for Vonage, which costs about $80. After that price, the service typically costs about $15 per month. Some users are required to sign a one or two year contract for Vonage. Sometimes a shorter contract is available for users who are willing to pay more per month.


Another broadband phone line service that is very similar to Vonage is AxVoice. AxVoice works the same way as Vonage as far as the technical side goes, requiring users to plug the phone adapter into their router. However, the company does not appear to charge for their phone adapter. Also there are many more choices available through AxVoice when it comes to billing. Users can choose 200 minutes for $6 per month, or they can opt for unlimited calls for $8.25 per month. Users who do not think they will use the phone much can pay as they go for $5 per month, or they can allow only outgoing calls to go out at no cost to them. Also AxVoice does not require a contract to sign up for the low prices.

Phone Power

One rising star in the world of broadband phone line providers is Phone Power. This company charges $15 per month for unlimited calls every month. However, that package does require a two-year contract. Customers who want to pay for a whole year in advance can pay $200 up front. Sometimes the company offers the second year free in this package deal. What really makes Phone Power unique is that the company can offer a second cloned phone line with its service at no extra charge. Also the company has the capability to provide a business phone package for higher prices. They can add as many or as few business phone lines as you need, depending on the needs of your business. A business line starts at $50 per month for one line and goes up from there.

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