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Expandable Cordless Phones - The Basics on Expandable Cordless Phones - The Benefits of Wireless, Scalability, Advanced Capabilities

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Are you looking to simplify your home phone setup with an expandable cordless system? This method offers great scalability and advanced feature support, and the price does not have to break the bank. Here is a quick guide to the benefits and capabilities of expandable cordless systems, so you can know exactly what you are in for if you decide to purchase one.

The Benefits of Wireless

The basic common trait of expandable cordless phones is the ability to connect multiple phones across your house via a single phone jack. You just plug in one main hub to the phone jack, and then you can add anywhere from 1 to 12 handsets throughout your house by simply plugging in a charging station. The phones will communicate with the main hub via wireless signals, and all will be able to use the same phone line.

This system is much easier to set up than previous technology, which required a phone jack in every single room. Not to mention the vastly expanded feature support that today’s expandable cordless systems offer (Read more on this below). And on top of all that, you can find decent phone hubs starting at around $30. Not too shabby for such a potent technology!


A great part about expandable cordless systems is the sheer scalability. This is a phone setup that can grow with you as your life situation changes. Moving to a bigger house? No problem, just buy another couple of handsets – plug them in, charge them up, and you are connected. Maybe you are renovating? You can rest at ease knowing that you will not have to add new phone jacks into your design plans. Or maybe your little girl is now a teenager who simply needs her own phone? You can set her up quick and easy. The point is, these systems are easy, flexible, and are very hard to outgrow.

Advanced Capabilities

You may be wondering how exactly these expandable systems can function just by using one line. As you might expect, the cheaper models will just function like normal landlines with multiple phones – when one person is using the line, nobody else can. But of course, that’s not practical once you get up to ten or more headsets, so more advanced models support multiple telephone lines. Built-in LCD or digital screens also include information on caller ID to each phone, as well as access to advanced menu features and voice mail. High-end models will also include digital security measures that encode your conversations to prevent identity theft. You can even find models that use Bluetooth signals to communicate with your cell phones, allowing you to program your home phones to ring when your cell phone does, and even letting you answer cell calls on the hand set. Another cool feature on some models is the handset-to-handset intercom, which lets you broadcast messages to the entire house or to specific rooms.

With so much room for handy features and advanced technology, these phones offer the next generation of landline technology. But of course, you cannot afford to get too carried away with all the bells and whistles if it makes you forget about the basics – make sure you find a system that offers long cordless range, good audio quality, and good battery life. If you do not have those three, it will not matter what kind of extra features you got on it – you will be too busy being frustrated to notice!

That’s it for this guide to the basics on expandable cordless phones. Use these tips to look for good quality cordless phones at any electronics store, department store, or trustworthy internet retailer. You’ll be glad you did your homework!

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