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Broadband Phone Router - Facts about a Broadband Phone Router - Broadband phone router on the go, Broadband phone router for VoIP service

regular mobile internet type

A broadband phone router can be used for a couple of different things, so it is important to understand exactly how the various types work before you purchase one. Some users need a broadband phone router to help them connect to the internet while they are on the go, while others need it turn their regular telephones into phones that can be used with a broadband phone line. Still others require a router that has phone ports in it, which allows the versatility of a regular router and adds the extra ports that will turn a regular telephone into a broadband phone.

Broadband phone router on the go

The first type of broadband phone router is for people who want to have their own mobile hot spot. Cell phones that offer tethering capabilities can create a mobile WiFI hot spot with the use of a broadband phone router. This type of router must be 3G, which is the latest in mobile internet technology. A mobile WiFi hot spot can allow several devices to connect to 3G internet just by using a tethering mobile phone and a broadband phone router. One great broadband phone router in this category is the Netgear 3G broadband wireless router. It sells for about $110, and it is perfect for people who want to take their internet with them.

Broadband phone router for VoIP service

One of the most common types of broadband phone routers is the kind needed for VoIP service. VoIP service is basically a phone line that works over a broadband phone line, and there are many providers that offer this type of service. However, users will usually have to get the broadband phone router from the company. It usually comes in the form of a phone adapter that connects to a regular router, although some companies offer an actual router that adapts the regular phone. The prices of these routers range from $80 and up, depending on how much the company you use wants to charge for a broadband phone router.

Some users prefer to purchase a broadband phone router separate from the company they are purchasing the VoIP service from. This allows them to connect their VoIP service through the same box their regular internet service is connected through. It saves space and clutter by preventing you from having to have two separate devices. This type of broadband phone router is more like a regular router with phone ports. The router needs to be configured to work specifically with the VoIP service you wish to use. Linksys makes a wonderful broadband phone router that offers the versatility of working as a regular router and adapting your telephone to your VoIP service. Just make sure that you spend the time double-checking the configurations on the device, or else it will not work properly with your VoIP service. The Linksys broadband phone router sells for about $30 used or about $70 brand new, although experts recommend purchasing new because of the short life some routers can have.

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