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Epiphone Bass Guitar - Epiphone Bass Guitar Quick Guide - Retro Epiphone Bass Guitars, Modern Epiphone Bass Guitars, I Want More!

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Epiphone is known for making some great bass guitars, but a newcomer to the brand will probably feel overwhelmed with the sheer variety of models available. Do you go with retro, modern, electric, acoustic, or what?? Here’s a guide that seeks to do its part to clear the confusion, so you can select the bass that is “you”.

Retro Epiphone Bass Guitars

If you are looking for great tones with a retro style, look no further than this hand-picked set of classically modern Epiphone bass models.

El Capitan
The El Capitan features a jumbo maple body with the eSonic electronic system that gives you the best of both worlds – electric and acoustic. Pluck away to get deep-voiced, rich acoustic tones anywhere you happen to be, or plug it in to get a beautiful rumble that will hit listeners right in the rib cage.

Jack Casady
The legendary Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane teamed up with Epiphone to engineer this signature mahogany/rosewood bass. With a beautiful black top and laminated maple finish, this guitar is sure to leave an impression. With a natural bass tonality that sounds silky smooth yet strong, it’s no wonder it is such a popular model.

This bass design pays tribute to famous Jazz bass legends of the past, featuring beautiful antique natural or translucent black finishes that take you to another age. This bass is at home in rock or acoustic settings, and it gives you a unique link to the past that will stand out on any stage.

A main player from the British Invasion has come back to play in this distinctly different viola bass guitar. With a bright vintage sunburst finish and distinctive classical styling, there is hardly a better way to get in touch with your retro side.

Modern Epiphone Bass Guitars

If you want cutting-edge sound with a style to match, check out these beautiful modern bass guitars from Epiphone.

Nikki Sixx Blackbird
Thanks to DeepSixx bass pickups, this bird has rumble to match its super-bold and black look. The Blackbird has Nikki Sixx’s personal stamp of approval, featuring his preferred “Opti-grab” and on/off toggle options. The pitch-black gloss finish and rosewood-iron cross inlay make this bass a sure bet to stand out.

Les Paul Special Bass
The Les Paul Special Bass is the bass player’s ticket to Les Paul’s massive sustain, embodied in this set-neck mahogany beauty. Finished with black satin and all black hardware, this bass offers a combo of classic and modern styling that’s hard to find elsewhere.

The EB-0 gives you access to the authentic SG shape without the huge price tag, giving you a short-scale narrow neck with easy fret access that will have you amazed at your new-found abilities. Choose from ebony or cherry finishes to give it your personal touch.

Thunderbird Pro
With fresh natural styling and a sleek mahogany body, the Thunderbird Pro offers both 4 and 5 string versions to give you maximum flexibility for your rocking and rolling. It combines timeless design with the most cutting-edge sound technology available.

I Want More!

For more information on any of these bass guitars or to find a local dealer, just go to Epiphone’s dealer locator. Even if you are not sure which one is for you just yet, seeing it in person can make all the difference in the world. Go to your local dealer and get an eyeful of every bass guitar that they have. The clerks there can answer any questions that you have left, and with any luck, soon you’ll be walking out of there with a brand new Epiphone.

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