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Brother Multifunction Laser Printer - Selecting a Brother Multifunction Laser Printer - Standard features, Color or black and white, Networking, Scanning, Price

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A Brother multifunction laser printer may be the perfect solution for anyone who wants a printer that does a lot of different things. There are several different kinds of Brother multifunction laser printers, so consumer should take several things into consideration before they make a purchase. A Brother multifunction laser printer typically prints, copies, and faxes. Let us take a look at the various features that are available on each Brother multifunction laser printer.

Standard features

The ability to send faxes is pretty much standard on all Brother multifunction printers. There are one or two of the lower end printers that do not have faxing capabilities, but most of them do. Also all of the multifunction printers from Brother feature a letter or legal paper tray that handles at least 250 pages. Also standard is an auto document feeder, although the number of pages that the feeder can handle increases with the price of the printer. The lowest resolution available on multifunction printers from Brother is 1200 × 600 dpi, although that resolution is only available on the least expensive black and white multifunction printer. The standard resolution available on most Brother multifunction printers is actually 2400 × 600.

Color or black and white

The first feature to consider in a Brother multifunction laser printer is whether you want a color printer or a black and white one. Remember that color printers cost quite a bit more than black and white printers, and the supplies to keep them operating also cost more because you have to purchase multiple toner cartridges instead of just black ones.


Another very important feature on a Brother multifunction laser printer is networking capabilities. The lower end models that sell for $150 do not generally have networking capabilities, so it is a higher-priced feature. The least you can expect to pay for a Brother multifunction laser printer with networking capabilities is $250, which will get you a black and white printer that prints up to 23 pages per minute. Also the price does not get you wireless networking capabilities, so you will have to pay more to get the option of wireless. All of the color laser multifunction printers from Brother actually include networking capabilities, although you will have to pay $500 to get a color laser printer that has wireless networking capabilities.


Another feature that is available on some of the laser multifunction printers from Brother is scanning. The least expensive printers in the Brother family of laser multifunction printers do not have scanning capabilities, although most of the others do. Also some of the more expensive Brother laser printers have a flatbed scanning area, which gives more precision when scanning documents in.


Perhaps the one thing that varies the most in Brother multifunction laser printers is price. The black and white multifunction printers range from $200 up to $500, depending on how many features they have. The color laser multifunction printers range from $400 to $700.

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