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Brother Printer Drum - Replacing a Brother Printer Drum - Model number, Types of printers, Type of printer drum, Model number, Pricing

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Anyone who owns a Brother product knows that sometimes it is necessary to purchase a new Brother printer drum. The Brother printer drum is the unit that actually holds the ink inside of the printer. Replacing the Brother printer drum is an important part of printer maintenance that is sure to help you get plenty of use out of your Brother printer. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what kind of replacement part is needed. There are many different types of Brother printers, and purchasing the wrong Brother printer drum is simply not an option. Here is a quick rundown of what to look for in order to ensure that you purchase the correct Brother printer drum.

Model number

The easiest way to order the correct Brother printer drum is to look for the drum that matches the model number of the printer you have. However, sometimes this can be difficult because you may not know the model number or know where to find the model number on the printer.

Types of printers

If you do not know the model number of your printer, then the first thing that will help you identify what kind of Brother printer drum you need is understanding the different types of printers. You probably know if your printer is black and white or color, and beyond that you have to know if it is an inkjet printer or laser printer. Only laser printers require replacement drums.

Type of printer drum

The next clue that will help you decipher what kind of Brother printer drum to purchase is the size and shape of the drum. A good place to start is by removing the drum inside your Brother printer. The drum is the piece that usually looks like a part of a typewriter. It has a cylinder that is held in a larger base piece. The entire piece is called the drum unit. Take a look at the one that is in your printer and try to match it by sight. This should help you narrow down your list of choices to just a couple of different Brother printer drum units. However, beware of the few units that look very similar but are actually made for different model numbers. Next we will explain how to tell the difference between two different Brother printer drum units that are made for two different models of Brother printers..

Model number

Once you have the type of Brother printer drum you need narrowed down by sight, it is then time to really look at the specs of the drums. For example, one printer drum may print 25,000 pages, while another may print 12,000 pages. If the printer is a heavy duty one that is found in a busy office that prints many pages per day, then chances are it is the one that prints 25,000 pages. If you still are not sure, then take the model number that is on the printer drum and look for a similar number on your printer. Choose the drum that matches more closely. For example, the drum for model HL-5250 actually works in printers HL-5250 or HL-5150.


The price for a Brother printer drum ranges quite widely, depending on the model it is for. Many retailers even offer the same drum kit for various prices. However, you can expect to pay between $30 and $200 for a replacement drum for your Brother printer.

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