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Dvd Tower Storage - Guide to DVD Tower Storage - Practical Mass Storage, Not-so-practical Mass Storage

media dvd’s design candy

Are you looking for a great DVD storage tower that will not only hold your DVD’s, but also express to the world your fine decorating abilities and taste for avant garde furniture? This simple principle (holding DVD’s) has become a melting pot of colors, styles, and design ideas that have overrun the market. Here are some ideas for creative products that can hold your DVD collection in style, so you can tell the world a little bit about yourself without saying a word.

Practical Mass Storage

If you have a ton of CD’s and DVD’s and no practical place to put them, try a stylish and compact spinning shelf that holds up to 800 standard jewel cases! This allows for easy access to all of your CD/DVD titles and fits just perfectly in a corner or next to your entertainment center.

Not-so-practical Mass Storage

If, however, your main goal is to flaunt your extreme passion for movies to the world, then you need a triple-shelf bookcase media tower wall unit to expose every single disc from your sprawling collection. Nobody will ever doubt you as the undisputed master of film noir, art house, or Monty Python flicks again. Why? Because the proof is right there on the wall.

Ultra-Ikea Style

For a cute, conservative, and unassuming CD/DVD holder (standard jewel case size), you should check out the Blomus wall-mounted design. This sleek media holder could be mistaken for a piece of modern decor if you leave off the media. It has alternating patterns of vertical and horizontal slots, curiously designed only to fit about one quarter of the case. The rest of the case looks suspended in midair, as if begging you to take it down from the shelf and play it. As odd as this design might seem, it works quite well for customers, who report a minimum of slippage.

Customized Racks for Space-Starved Spaces

If you are short on space and high on DVD’s, then you should check out the over-the-door media holder. The track and baskets are designed by freedomRail to be easily installable, adjustable, and usable anywhere you have a door. Make use of the back-side of your closet door to store all of your home media.

Style in Unexpected Places

For a little touch of style from Wal-Mart, of all places, check out the Passport Furniture DVD Tower. This tower is made with an inverted Eiffel tower design that works quite well for it, plus a surprisingly sturdy base. This is a great way to show off your DVD collection with a bit of flair, and is still compact enough to fit into almost any modern home.

Candy Shop Nostalgia

If you chronically find yourself wishing for “the good old days”, where a candy bar cost 5 cents and a ride on the trolley cost a dime, then check out the Candy Cabinet DVD Holder. Cleverly disguised to look like an old-time candy vending machine, the whole front opens up to reveal your carefully organized DVD collection.

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