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Dvd Thermal Printer - DVD Thermal Printers, Inkjet Printers, and Title Printers - Title Printing, Inkjet Printing, Thermal Printing

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If you are new to the DVD printing game, you may be curious about all this thermal vs. inkjet printing business. What exactly are the pros and cons of each one? Where do you go to buy them? And what can you expect them to cost? Read on for more information on all three, so you can make the decision that fits best with your business.

Title Printing

Title printing is the cheapest and most accessible type of DVD printing. Many title printers use thermal technology, so they can also technically identify themselves as “thermal printers”. But you should keep in mind that these devices are not like the far more advanced thermal printers that we talk about below. Title printers have the capability to laser-print text onto a CD’s or DVD’s surface. They usually have very limited capacity, i.e., only able to print four lines of text, and only printing in black. Check out this Casio printer to get an idea of the design. Many of these printers come with a full keyboard for label-maker style text entry. Some do offer multiple font and design choices. While it does not compare to the other two methods of printing, this method does offer extremely inexpensive pricing and an end product that looks much better than say, using a magic marker to fill in your disc titles.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing actually sprays ink through microscopic jets to form your CD/DVD face image, and as such, you should be sure to get blank media that is made for this use. DVD’s made for inkjet printing will usually have a blank white face. Inkjets have a much higher cost than title printers, but are still much cheaper than high-end thermal printers. Refer to the Dymo DiscPainter for an example of a consumer-level inkjet printer. Inkjet printers give you a full range of vibrant color and many have the capability for high-resolution printing, making this a good option for a large range of projects that require photo-real printing. You can find inkjet models made for anything from small home projects to large business models that produce thousands of discs. However, because of their printing method, inkjet printers do take more time to print than thermal models.

Thermal Printing

Thermal printing applies a heating element to either a single-color or four-color ribbon to product excellent-quality detail and laser-precise edges. Single-color versions print extremely quickly and have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive to use, and color versions can produce excellent quality artwork on a large scale. However, both color and black-and-white units carry heavy price tags that can be difficult for small businesses and homes to handle. Because of the advanced technology, it is much harder to find consumer-priced versions of thermal DVD printers. See an example of this professional MF DigitalScribe Print Station to get an idea of the costs associated with quality models. Also keep in mind that thermal printers must be used with blank media that was designed for this style of printing.

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