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Baltimore New Homes - Buying New Homes in Baltimore

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Baltimore, Maryland is a virtual hotbed of real estate activity. Anyone looking to purchase new homes in Baltimore will find themselves overwhelmed with choices. Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland with a population around 630,000 in the city and approximately 2.7 million in the metro area. Besides being the largest city in the state, it is also a major seaport. Much of the former seaport, today, has been converted into a center for shopping, dining, and entertainment called Harborplace. The economy of Baltimore, once dependent on trading and industrial manufacturing is now centered on the service industries with Johns Hopkins Hospital and University being the two largest employers.

As with all major U.S. cities, most new homes in Baltimore are not exactly located in the city proper. They are located in the surrounding suburbs where there is more open land that is relatively inexpensive and suitable for building. The suburbs surrounding Baltimore, however, have the distinction of being very much like the city itself. Baltimore has never had a single identity. Instead, it is a collection of over 300 distinct neighborhoods, all with unique characteristics. This makes the suburbs seem like just another of the districts of the city. One major distinction is that Baltimore is an independent city, the largest in the nation, and the suburbs are mostly under the jurisdiction of Baltimore County, which surrounds the city. Those suburbs not in Baltimore County are located in Anne Arundel County.

While the overwhelming majority of home sales in the area are existing homes, there are a large number of New Homes in Baltimore for sale. Most of the new homes are in new or expanding subdivisions. Prices for new homes are quite a bit higher than prices for existing homes. The median selling price of existing homes in the area is only $140,000, while the median price of new homes is $525,000. New homes in Baltimore start at around $220,000, depending on the location, and go up from there to the millions.

Here are some of the most popular communities with new homes in Baltimre:

Summerfield at Mission Place

This community is in the city of Jessup, just southwest of Baltimore. It is being built exclusively by Ryland Homes. Most houses here are townhomes with a connected 2-car garage, but the Wyngate and Woodfield designs have three floors with three bedrooms. The homes are trendy yet affordable and convenient. Summerfield is located near Route 1, so there it is an easy commute into the city. Prices start at $305,990 for 2040 square feet.

Seton Point

Seton Point is just north of Baltimore in the city of Gwynn Oak. The new homes here are 2-car garage, single-family houses. They are available in four different designs, all of which are three floors:

• Tiffany – 1620 square feet with 3 bedrooms starting at $274,990.
• Dover – 1789 square feet with 3 bedrooms starting at $282,990.
• Garrison – 1832 square feet with 4 bedrooms starting at $292,990.
• Cypress – 2130 square feet with 4 bedrooms starting at $299,990.

Seton Point is also a community by Ryland Homes. It is located off the Northern Parkway, so I-83 is a convenient route to downtown Baltimore. It is also near I-695, and many residents use this route to get to their places of work.

Ashman’s Hope

Ashman’s Hope is also located just north of the city in Gwynn Oak. The homes here are built on a basic design plan, but are customized to specifications. It is near a large wooded area near Leakin Park. The common areas of the community were designed to complement the natural surroundings. The exteriors of the houses here are designed with sturdy materials and all have large porch areas. The interiors feature high ceilings and oversize windows. The homes here are three bedrooms and two floors in height. Some homes have finished basements with an extra bedroom and media/family room. Prices start at approximately $299,900.

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