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Best Compact Cameras - The Best Compact Cameras - Comparing the Best Compact Cameras, The Three Best Compact Cameras

quality digital resolution features

Compact digital cameras are the most sought-after cameras on the market. While you won’t be using them to take professional pictures in a photography studio, they do produce high-quality photographs for everyday use. Compact cameras have the added bonus of being sleek and stylish. Digital cameras are as much to show off to friends and family as they are to take pictures. The market for compact cameras is very similar to that of cell phones. They must have all the latest features all wrapped up in a nice pretty package.

Compact cameras have several benefits. Because they are small and lightweight, they can be taken anywhere. Many of them can fit into your pocket without even causing a bulge. Compact cameras usually have more features than their larger counterparts because it takes more advanced technology to put the components into a smaller design. Last, but not least, compact cameras are trendy and can be used in any situation. At once, they can be sporty, elegant, fun, and sophisticated.

Comparing the Best Compact Cameras

Although it is important to read expert reviews when putting together a short list of the best compact cameras, some choices are solely yours. Reviews can only tell you so much. You have to use a combination of your personal taste and the camera’s specifications. The main idea behind comparing the best digital cameras is to get the highest quality and most features in a slim design. The criteria that should be considered include the following:

• Design – The best compact cameras are trendy and stylish. They have to be thin, sleek, and highly portable. The best compact cameras are lightweight yet rugged. They should be able to withstand being dropped onto a hard surface from at least 4 feet, if not more.
• Quality – Image quality is the single-most important technical specification of digital cameras. Even though most people could make due with 2 megapixel image resolution, and in 4” x 6” photos, the human eye is unable to detect the difference between a 10MP photo and a 12MP photo, one extra megapixel can make all the difference in sales. Anything over 10 megapixels is overkill, but more megapixels is a sign that higher-quality state-of-the-art technology is being used.
• Battery Life – This is a factor that is rarely given consideration, but it is one of the most important and most practical factors to consider. The best compact cameras will use rechargeable batteries instead of standard batteries. These will allow you to take the most pictures before having to change or recharge the batteries.

The Three Best Compact Cameras

When considering the best compact cameras, three current models stand out from the crowd. Here are the top three best compact cameras:

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1

Panasonic is not usually known for manufacturing the highest-quality digital cameras, but that all changed with two of their current models. The DMC-ZS7 is possibly the best digital camera on the market, but it is slightly too large to fit into the compact camera category. The ZS7’s smaller counterpart, the DMC-TS1, however, fits perfectly. This camera is both small and built to take a beating, making it perfect for traveling. It is shockproof from 5-foot falls, waterproof to 10-feet, and sealed against dust. Features include a wide-angle lens with 4.6x zoom, HD-quality video, 12MP resolution, and image stabilization.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX7

This new model of Sony’s best-selling Cyber-Shot series of cameras has it all. It is compact, sleek, stylish, and has all of the latest features. The DSC-TX7 takes fast snapshots so you get the image you saw when you pushed the shutter release. It only has 10MP resolution, but this is more than enough for even discerning amateur photographers. The 3.5” LCD screen is large and clear. The battery holds out for about 230 shots. Video can be shot at an incredible 1080i HD resolution. This camera comes in a choice of colors: dark blue, red, and silver.

Canon Digital Powershot SD1200

No list of the best compact cameras is complete without an entry from Canon. Canon has consistently produced the highest-quality cameras year-after-year. The Powershot SD1200 is no exception. This camera fits the bill for being compact and lightweight. It is easy to use, so it is a great camera for beginners. Picture quality is superb, with clear and sharp images in a range of environments and lighting conditions. Resolution is 10MP, zoom is 4x, and it has a 2.5” LCD screen. This camera is part of the Canon’s ELPH series and is available in a choice of six colors: dark gray, light gray, green, blue, pink, and orange.

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