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Brother Printer Supplies - Purchasing Brother Printer Supplies - Replacement parts, Other Brother printer supplies

printers paper toner tray

Part of owning a printer is keeping it going with supplies, and there are plenty of Brother printer supplies to fill every need consumers might have. Brother printer supplies include everything from paper to printer software and even replacement parts for Brother printers. The manufacturer advocates the use of its products in its printers because it ensures that customers will get the same level of quality out of their Brother printers every single time. Let us take a closer look at the different types of Brother printer supplies that are available.

Replacement parts

One way to keep your Brother printer going longer is to order replacement parts when needed. In many cases all that may be needed is a new drum unit, and it is much less expensive to replace one part than it is to replace an entire printer. Out of all the Brother printer supplies that are available, the one thing users should always have on hand is toner. Sometimes toner can go out at the most inconvenient of times, and it is very easy to have a supply of toner on hand. A typical toner cartridge for a Brother printer will cost between $50 and $100, depending on what model printer it is for. Also keep in mind that if you have a color printer, you will need to keep toner cartridges on hand for all of the colors your printer uses.

After toner, the second most often replaced part in a Brother printer is probably the drum unit, which usually costs over $100. Consumers may not find it necessary to always keep a spare drum unit on hand, but they should be aware that it may need to be replaced from time to time.

Another common replacement part for Brother printers is the paper tray. Brother sells replacement paper trays for the ones that come with the printers and also an optional second tray for printers that have a space for a second tray. Just make sure that the paper tray you purchase matches the printer model you have. A replacement paper tray costs about $20, while the optional second paper tray typically costs over $100.

Some Brother printers also have a belt unit that can be replaced, and that part usually costs around $130. Also some models have a waste toner box that needs to be replaced, which costs about $30.

Other Brother printer supplies

Brother also sells its own paper, which costs about $7 for 500 sheets. Consumers can also purchase user manuals for their printer if they lose theirs, and some models allow consumers to purchase additional printer software. Replacement user manuals are $5 each, and additional printer software is also $5.

The Best place to purchase Brother printer supplies

With all of the Brother printer supplies that are needed for constant upkeep of the printers, some consumers are unsure of the best place to purchase their Brother printer supplies. The manufacturer has made it very easy to purchase Brother printer supplies on its website. Consumers can view prices from many online retailers in one place so they can make sure that they get the best possible price.

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