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Free Money Grant - Free Money Grants for Housing and Education - Free Money Grants: Education, Free Money Grant: Housing

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Grants are money supplied by the government to encourage certain activities which lawmakers believe will better the country as a whole, ranging from free money grants for disadvantaged education to non-profit businesses. Grants come in a variety of forms, and different categories are pursued in slightly different ways. This article will focus on free money grants in education and housing.

Free Money Grants: Education

Though the government provides subsidized loans to most students, particularly disadvantaged learners can get free money grants for their education. The Federal Pell Grant is perhaps the most well known of these, awarded to low-income families across the United States. The Pell Grant is distributed rather widely, and it is often supplemented by additional grants. Other education grants include:

  • Academic Competitiveness Grant: This small grant provides additional money to Pell Grant recipients for academic excellence.
  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants: The FSEOG supplements the Pell Grant in cases of extreme poverty with up to $4000 extra per year.
  • National Smart Grant: This Pell-supplemental grant awards up to $4000 extra per year to advanced science, engineering, and math students with financial need and good academic standing.

Federal Grants are applied for using the FAFSA—the Federal Application For Student Aid. Filling out a FAFSA applies a student to the Pell Grant and other government funding. For most students, it is the first step toward financing education.

Note that grants differ from scholarships in that recipients, not schools, receive the cash. While a scholarship will cover tuition costs, a grant assists with cost-of-living expenses like rent, computers, and groceries. Combined with a scholarship, a grant can make it possible for students to attend school full-time without generating large sums of student debt.

Not all educational grants are federal. Both states and schools often provide grants for certain groups. These are somewhat more complicated than the FAFSA in that they differ widely from location to location. Financial aid offices help students by compiling a list of grants available in a given area. These will be available in counseling offices and some websites. From this list, prospective students can find and apply to the grants for which they qualify.

Free Money Grant: Housing

As educational grants try to bridge the educational gap between rich and poor families, housing grants strive to provide housing options to underprivileged families. Housing grants are also used to promote energy efficiency, providing additional funds to homeowners and homebuyers trying to minimize their impact on the environment.

The cost of heating and cooling a home is a major expense for low income families, which is why the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, helps them pay for heating and cooling costs. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Energy provides several weatherization programs that provide financial assistance with which low-income families can weatherize their homes and thus reduce their monthly energy costs. The specifics of these programs depend largely on geography, as different areas of the United States require drastically different efforts to reduce energy costs.

HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is the channel through which most home ownership funds are funneled. HUD provides down payment assistance to low-income, first-time, and minority homebuyers.

HUD also provides assistance to non-profit homebuilders. One program, called SHOP (Self Help Ownership Program) provides funding for volunteer-based construction for low-income residents.

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