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Free Divorce Advice - Free Divorce Advice Online

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Whether considering a divorce for the first time or wondering about a specific detail regarding a divorce, current and ex-spouses can find free divorce advice online to help guide their decisions. Many websites offer thorough databases of research, how-to guides, and other divorce-related articles.

Divorce Guide provides six well-developed categories of divorce advice, beginning with a well-written article on “Is Your Marriage Really Over” and ending with nineteen articles on "Life After Divorce.” Additional services include resources for cheap online divorces and paid online divorce lawyers.

Deal With Divorce is another database of free divorce advice. Though similar to Divorce Guide, its emphasis is largely on family and parenting matters, with more than half its articles related to children. Deal with Divorce provides downloadable forms on divorce-related matters as well, letting potential divorcees assemble their necessary paperwork without the aid of a lawyer. Additional services include divorce lawyer advertising and links to child support and other divorce-related sites.

Free Advice is a broadly-focused website that includes divorce among its many advice topics. The landing page is neatly organized and includes several specific topics including annulment, bifurcation, retirement plans, nuptial agreements, pension, and others. Its small collection of divorce-related articles includes a few miscellaneous advice articles such as the effect of divorce on taxes. Overall, Free Advice’s free advice is financially focused and well-informed. The site includes the additional paid service of online family lawyers.

Divorce Line offers free divorce advice in a continually updated and archived blog. This site’s prolific collection of divorce articles includes statistical research, state-specific legal analyses, guides for divorce lawyers, and much more. Though the site is built a little clumsily compared to flashier sites like Divorce Guide, Divorce Line provides a great deal of comment and many useful links, including links to state-by-state child support calculators.

A defunct non-profit group called Equality in Marriage provides some of the only advertisement-free divorce advice on the web. Though the site is no longer being updated, its archives still contain a variety of well-informed articles. The organizations goal was to promote gender equality before, during, and after marriages, and their divorce-related articles help both husbands and wives to understand where legality ends and gender bias begins.

Free divorce advice is also available specifically for men and women. Woman’s Divorce and Dad’s Divorce offer articles that cater to the unique demands of either gender before, during, or after a divorce. Dad’s Divorce offers a great deal of legal custody advice to help father’s negotiate with the daunting statistic that most custody is awarded to mothers. Women’s Divorce provides a supportive forum community in addition to targeted advice on children and financial concerns. Both sites contain collections of free divorce advice articles on many subjects.

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