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Free Overnight Shipping - Guide to Free Overnight Shipping - Incentive to Buy More, Limited Time Offers, Product Promotion

offered deal promotional vendors

Free overnight shipping is a promotional deal offered by many vendors. It is offered for various reasons and often has specific requirements for the buyer. Overnight shipping always costs someone extra money, but vendors will accept the extra overhead to encourage their customers to buy more products, buy specific products, or buy products at a certain time.

Overnight shipping is often used for last minute gift buying, which is one reason it is offered by so many jewelry, clothing, and game stores. Free overnight shipping is rarely guaranteed, but many sites will offer them.

Incentive to Buy More

Free overnight shipping is sometimes offered when buyers make a purchase of a specific amount. This classic promotional deal encourages shoppers to cross a buying threshold offered by the site to get free shipping, sometimes saving money overall.

Online jewelry stores are one type of vendor that tends to offer free overnight shipping to encourage buyers to aim high on their purchases. Chamilia Charms and Jewelry offers free overnight shipping on orders of $150 or more. Since 1910, an engagement and wedding provider, offers free overnights past $500.

Limited Time Offers

Some vendors offer free overnight shipping as part of a limited time promotional offer. These are often the best free overnight shipping deals, but they never last for long. The online shoe and clothing store www.zappos.com offered a limited time offer in August of 2010 that gave free overnight shipping for life to anyone who signed up for the site as part of a major back-to-school promotional deal.

As part of a holiday promotional campaign in 2010, the Apple Store is offering free overnight shipping for iPods, iPhones, Macintosh computers, and a few popular accessories. This deal lasts until December 23rd, allowing for quickly purchased Christmas gifts down to the wire of holiday gift-giving.

Gamestop’s Daily Deal varies among discount purchases, package deals, and free overnight shipping on occasion.

To regularly find limited time offers, buyers can either watch for advertisements themselves, regularly read consumer blogs, or hope for word-of-mouth advertising to reach them before offers expire. Internet searches that add the search terms like “coupon” and “free overnight shipping” will sometimes yield results as well.

Product Promotion

Some vendors use free overnight shipping to promote a specific product or line of products. Vendors that hold expensive or hard-to-move products will pay for overnight shipping to encourage buyers to buy one product over another. Endless Shoes & More, for example, offers free overnight shipping for the newer shoe styles that cost more and thus produce more money for the business.

Bookseller Barnes and Noble promoted their Nook (a PDF reader comparable to Amazon’s Kindle) last year by offering free overnight shipping on pre-orders, thus putting their product in buyers’ hands as soon as possible to begin word-of-mouth advertising.

Many product promotions are also limited time offers.

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