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Dish Free Network Satellite Tv - Free Deals for Dish Network - Free Installation, HD Free for Life, Free DVR Upgrade, Movie Channels

Dish Free Network, Satellite TV

existing service clients offers

Subscription to the DISH Network is not available for free, but the company provides several free dish satellite TV offers. This article is dedicated to the many services which new and existing DISH Network clients can acquire free of charge.

America’s third largest satellite TV provider, DISH Network caters to more than 14 million United States customers. Competition with internet TV and fiber optic services like AT&T U-Verse have forced DISH to offer more and more offers to stay competitive, which is good news for consumers.

Free Installation

A fairly standard service for any satellite TV provider, DISH Network’s free dish satellite TV installation will provide installation in up to six rooms of a home. Subscribers must provide either their social security number or a $200 security deposit for their satellite equipment. The SSN allows them to affect credit history if service is cancelled and the equipment not returned, while the security deposit fulfills the same function without connecting it to a client’s credit history.

Existing users can also have DISH installed on an additional TV at no charge.

HD Free for Life

By signing a 24 month contract and agreeing to paperless billing, new DISH Network subscribers can get high definition free dish satellite TV, compared to the usual $10 per month charge for high definition programming. DISH supports two hundred high definition channels, including sports, movies, video on demand, and pay-per-view.

Free DVR Upgrade

Digital video recording, or DVR, stores video to disk for later viewing. Though the DVR service costs $6 per month from DISH network, the upgrade itself is free. After sign up, clients can expect a visit from a professional contractor to install DVR and provide a tutorial on its use.

Movie Channels

New subscribers can also enjoy three free months of HBO and Showtime for any package. This is a promotional offer intended to get viewers used to watching these movie channels in the hopes that they will later add them to their package.

Options for Existing Clients

As a leading supplier of satellite TV with many worthy competitors, DISH Network is eager to keep its customers happy. Their customer service representatives are given some leeway in providing additional services to maintain their customer base, and they can be understanding to loyal customers. They are often willing to let existing clients sample a new product. Existing clients can sometimes resign a contract to get access to valuable promotional offers.

Calling or e-mailing customer service is the best way to explore options for clients who want free dish satellite TV offers for existing accounts.

Future Deals

As new technologies develop, DISH will continue offering free dish satellite TV deals to existing and potential customers. As a Fortune 500 company, DISH will no doubt advertise these offers through a variety of channels, including television and online advertising.

DISH Network
Customer Service: (888) 358 – 1586
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