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Black And Decker Coffee Makers - Buying Black and Decker Coffee Makers - 12-Cup Programmable Black and Decker Coffee Makers

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Black and Decker has been one of the most trusted names in hardware and do-it-yourself tools since S. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker obtained the first patent in the world for a portable power tool in 1916, the handheld electric drill. The pair had just opened their shop six years earlier in Baltimore. The loyal customers of Black & Decker were thrilled when the company acquired the small appliances division of General Electric in 1984. Soon, the Black & Decker name could be found not only in garages and tool sheds, but in the kitchen as well. Black & Decker struck gold with their Spacemaker line of under-counter appliances and soon, every other manufacturer of kitchen appliances had their own copycat line.

While not the most popular line of products in the industry, Black and Decker coffee makers live up to the high standards of the other appliances made by the company. Black and Decker coffee makers also have the distinction, unlike some of the competitors, of being extremely affordable. It is hard to argue with a product when it is the best in its class and has a price tag that doesn’t make you shudder.

Black and Decker coffee makers come in two basic sizes: the standard 12-cup design and the compact 5-cup design. The 5-cup coffee makers are all basic appliances designed to leave a small countertop footprint and be easy to operate without a lot of additional features. They are made for someone to make a decent cup of coffee in a reliable machine with limited space. They have two designs, one that lists for $17.99 and one that lists for $24.99, and two colors: black and white.

12-Cup Programmable Black and Decker Coffee Makers

The real innovation in Black and Decker coffee makers is in the 12-cup models, although this category also has its basic models. The basic 12-cup programmable Black and Decker coffee makers come in four different models:

DCM2160 – This model has a programmable clock with auto brew and features the Perfect Pour designer carafe. Other features include Sneak-A-Cup and auto-shutoff. It is available in black and white. List price is $29.99.

DLX1050 – This model has all of the features of the DCM2160 with the inclusion of QuickTouch programming and the Duralife carafe. It lists for $22.99 and is available in black and white.

BCM1410 – This is the upgrade model of the 1050. The feature set and carafe are identical, but it stands taller and slightly slimmer. List price is $29.99

DCM100 – The DCM100 has the same feature-set of the other 12-cup programmable models, but it has a side-walled housing for the carafe and a sleeker control panel. It also lists for $29.99.

SmartBrew Plus Black and Decker Coffee Makers

The second of the three lines of 12-cup Black and Decker coffee makers is the SmartBrew Plus line. There are two models in this line:

DCM200 – This is a basic coffee maker that is designed for one-touch operation. It uses a showerhead design to drip water evenly over the ground coffee. This model uses the Perfect Pour carafe. List price is only $19.99.

DCM2500 – This model uses the SmartBrew Plus system but has all of the features coffee drinkers have come to love: programmable clock, auto brew, QuickTouch programming, and Sneak-A-Cup. It uses the Duralife carafe and lists for $29.99.

SpaceMaker Black and Decker Coffee Makers

The last line of Black and Decker coffee makers is none other than the famous SpaceMaker design. There are two models of SpaceMaker coffee makers:

SDC740 – This is the basic SpaceMaker design. It brews with the touch of a single button and includes all the hardware necessary for mounting, along with complete instructions. It has a programmable clock and auto brew features. List price is $59.99.

SDC850 – The SDC850 SpaceMaker Thermal Coffeemaker is Black and Decker’s top of the line. It has all of the features of the SDC740 but adds a stainless steel exterior, blue-light control panel, freshness indicator, and thermal warming. It lists for $79.99.

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